Is there any accurate IQ test? There may be two extreme answers; Yes or No. However, reality lies somewhere in between

Intelligence is an innate ability of the human mind to process information, memorize words, numbers, events and associations, derive a solution of a problem and find links between associated information. Although it seems immeasurable, yet over past decades, leading psychologists have developed a way to test and measure this intelligence form so as to yield the result in a numerical score. This form of evaluation is known as intelligence test.

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The IQ tests are numerous and varied, yet they share the basic structure and the basic form of testing. They are built up of questions for which multiple answers are provided to the individual from which he has to select the most correct answer. There is always a chance of landing the right answer through guessing and therefore the question ‘is there any accurate IQ test‘ surfaces in the minds of people.

The truth is that when carefully evaluated, one will realize that to some extent the traditional intelligence testing is biased and this leads to a great degree of variation in the testing. To really query into the accuracy or biasness of intelligence testing, you will have to answer some of these questions shortly outlined.

  • What is intelligence?
  • Are there various types of intelligence and if there are, what are they?
  • Do IQ tests measure these various types of intelligence?
  • On what platform and which parameters do IQ test use in determining intelligence and so forth.

What an accurate IQ test can measure?

The question – is there any accurate IQ test- can be understood by taking a look at intelligence itself. Several studies conducted in the recent time showed the biasness of intelligence testing but these studies do not in any way opine that IQ tests should be completely refuted. According to the studies, IQ tests measure only one kind of intelligence whereas there are different kinds of intelligence. This makes it highly insufficient or better put, limited, in defining the intelligence of a person and in classifying people based on their intelligence.

This simply implies that rating people based on the IQ scale would simply be misleading as IQ tests do not take a holistic approach with respect to everything intelligence represents. This means that the answer to the question, is there any accurate IQ test, would be negative. The types of intelligence include the following among others:

  • Memory abilities
  • Planning abilities
  • Reasoning abilities
  • Calculative abilities
  • Reading and writing abilities
  • Attention abilities and so forth.

It is important to note that an intelligence testing which takes into consideration all the types of intelligence available has not yet been devised but lots of researches are already going on in this field. As pointed above, these stated points do not imply that IQ tests should be thrown to the trash bin. Even though the answer to the question, is there any accurate IQ test is not very encouraging, yet the benefits of intelligence tests are many.

Factors Affecting Accuracy of an IQ test results

It is important to note that a lot of factors affect the results that are usually obtained from IQ tests. In fact, this is another limitation of the intelligence testing because it can be affected by some factors which are not necessarily caused by the intelligence of the test taker. For instance, a test taker may be likely to be distracted by his surroundings and in the end of the day, the test result would be low but this does not in any way imply that his intelligence is low. More so, nowadays where IQ tests can be taken online, several substandard IQ tests are available online and since these tests claim to measure intelligence, the biasness of IQ tests is even greater.

It has generally been proved that your lifestyle or way of living goes a long way to affect your IQ test scores. Having low scores because of your lifestyle does not imply that you are not intelligent. Again, people who play video games and some other games which emphasizes on short term memory are more likely to score higher in IQ tests than people who do not. More so, it has been proved that smokers, irrespective of their intelligence, are more likely to score lower in IQ tests than non-smokers, when they are not allowed to smoke for some longer time.

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