Categories of Brain Tests for Screening and their Usage

There are many brain tests that, if administered properly and in a supervised manner, could yield some really useful information about the individual. These tests have been developed over the course of many decades by psychologists who do not want to rely on machinery to depict how the brain of a person functions.

Brain tests exist in an abundance and while some can be categorized in the same group, others can distinctly apart because of the information that they generate. Depending upon the present condition of the individual and the purpose for which his brain has to be studied a paper-and-pen test is chosen which is then conducted in a supervised way. The candidate is allotted a specific time in which he has to complete the test after which the result is compiled prudently.

Who can Take the Brain Test?

As mentioned earlier, it is the condition and the requirement of the person that demands the use of a brain test and hence it could be both an adult and a child. Children as young as two years of age can also be tested through the various brain tests. For example,

·         The Child

If the child is constantly showing a delay in response to stimulants as compared to others of the same age, then an IQ test could be conducted to measure the intelligence level and the level of cognitive ability of the kid.

·         The Youngster

Similarly, youngsters can take a personality test themselves to assess the type of personality they really have and not what they think they might be having. This would help them to curb those negative areas which are revealed and would also help them in selecting a career field that best utilizes his capabilities and allows him to foster those abilities.

·         The Adult

The adults usually have to go through a lengthy screening process when they are given a chance to apply for a job vacancy at a prominent workplace. Besides delivering their personal information and making a physical appearance for the interview, many of these are also asked to go through certain psychological tests which may or may not include IQ tests, personality tests and others. This helps the management to better assess the individual on multiple levels which might have an effect on the performance of the individual and hence upon the performance of the company eventually.

·         The Old

The old aged people are sometimes required to undergo some written tests as part of their medical examination. If these people are suspected of memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease or some other mental impairment then the different psychological tests could provide a valuable insight into the functionality of their brain.

Examples of Brain Tests

There are numerous types of Brain Tests that can be conducted at various occasions. Some of them are as follows.

·         The Memory Test

If memory impairment is suspected in an individual, whether adult or child, then a memory test can prove to be useful in accurately concluding the actual mental condition. Within this category there are many to choose from; for example,

1.    The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE)

2.    The Short Blessed Test (SBT)

3.    The Memory Impairment Screen Test (MIS)

·         The IQ Test

The IQ tests can aptly measure the Intelligence Quotient or intelligence level of the person being tested. The following are the most well known IQ tests that are widely conducted in educational institutions and organizations.

1.    Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)

2.    Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)

3.    Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI)

4.    Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABC)

5.    Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales

6.    Stanford Achievement Test (SAT)

·         Personality Test

Personality testing is also quite popular now, because it lets the management of organizations assess the individual at another level. The personality tests are numerous and widely vary with each other yet most of them are quite accurate therefore reveal similar results.

·         Cognitive Test

The cognitive tests measure the person’s ability to process information. They are not related to the intelligence of the human but measure the problem solving and conceptualization ability of the person.

·         Aptitude Test

These are very similar to the skill based and intelligence tests that are widely used. These tests determine the person’s ability to perform special tasks. These brain tests come in a broad range and are used to measure,

1.    Numerical reasoning

2.    Spatial Awareness

3.    Verbal Reasoning

4.    Abstract Reasoning

5.    Educational Aptitude

6.    Occupational Aptitude

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