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The Psych Up, Issue #008 --Choose Your Right Career With A Tool
May 28, 2006

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Issue# 8

Editor: Saqib Ali Ateel

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New Magical TOOL to Choose a Right Career For You.


New Magical FREE TOOL to Choose a Right Career For You.

What is the right Career for you?

Which company suites you the best?

What career meets the most important factors in your life?

A little brainstorming can stretch the list of questions. However, the right career is one that grows your potentials, provides you delight and yields whatever you want from your life.

It is the net result of making a right decision at the right time.

And when you fail to do so...

It often becomes hard and in most of the cases impossible to switch over in the later years. Even if you can, you still waste a lot of time, talents and peace of your mind.

It is time to tell you a real story!

Just 15 years back, I was working with a national daily. It was adventurous. I had big nose for news. And I loved to explore and write. But like other young people I was looking for better opportunities. One day I decided to join the civil service. I took competitive examination and qualified. Now I am considered a successful civil servant but I crave for liberty, freedom and power that I used to enjoy as a news reporter.

The moral of the story is, ‘A right choice in time saves you from a frustrated life.’’

How to Choose a Right Career?

It is a million dollars question!

The personality, aptitude and IQ tests may help you to some extent. The career consultants may take hours to decide your future. The psychologists may develop new instruments to help you. But the right choice always comes from your heart.

Here I am introducing you to a new but the most critical tool to help you choosing your right career.

It is called Choose It!

You no more need not to waste…

• Hundreds of dollars on flimsy tests

• Days on internet to find the right solution

• Lot of energy on answering useless questions

Just relax and I GUARANTEE quick and efficient results, within five minutes. It is 5 steps well tested formula.

Step 1:

Enter your first question. Suppose…

What is the Right Career for me?

Step 2:

Give possible answers. Suppose:

1- Police

2- Army

3- Business

4- Civil Service

5- News Paper

You may add as many answers as you like.

Step 3:

What is important to you? You are required to give the level of importance (from 1 to 100) as well.

Suppose you choose…

1- Adventure

2- Family

3- Money

4- Writing

5- Reading

6- Freedom

You may choose as many as you like…

Then follow the remaining two steps and the tool shall bring forth the best career for you. That’s why it is called choose It!


Are you Ready to Choose Right Career for You?

Click Here

Best of Luck!

Saqib Ali Ateel

P.S. You are at liberty to use this tool to make any decision of your life, business or career. You may even decide what personality, aptitude or IQ tests you need to take before encountering a real psychological session.

P.P.S. You may favor your friends to this Free Tool to help them to make their most important life decisions.

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