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The Psych Up, Issue #011- Do Blacks have Low IQ?
September 20, 2006

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Issue# 011

Editor: Saqib Ali Ateel

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"Myths About Low Black Intelligence..."



Race superiority complex has always generated arguments to prove that some people are superior to others. The arguments included mode of creation (Hindus), royal blood, blue blood, etc before the World War I.

When the fire needed young talent, the intelligence tests were exploited. Immediately after the war, the racists started to use the IQ scores for their designs.

This issue of ďThe Psych UpĒ discusses some arguments of the supporters of the low black intelligence.

Be watchful, they have some serious case to argue!


Saqib Ali Ateel

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Featured Article

Myths About Low Black Intelligence...

You might have heard that black intelligence is lower than the white intelligence. Philosophically blurred, scientifically unconfirmed and practically unproven intelligence tests have colored even the abstract impression. They are not sure for intelligence. They donít have tools to segregate blacks from other populations. They donít have black IQ tests to measure intelligence of white.

...but they are sure of low black intelligence!

It is fair for the communities to believe that their culture, their values and their traditions are better than other competitive people. However, it is unfair to use pseudo-scientific psychological instruments to prove that some races are better than the others. It is unfair to label the blacks with low IQ level.

Statistical Data Supports Low Black Intelligence

The supporters of low black intelligence claim that IQ test results since 1939, the World War I, prove that black white difference has constantly figured at 1.0 to 1.1 Standard Deviations (SD).

This statistical claim was broken in 1997 when Armed Force Qualification Test (AFQT) showed difference of 0.97 SD in the black intelligence. The IQ score results taken with Woodcock-Johnson Intelligence test and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV) also tell a different story.

In fact the studies of black intelligence have often yielded inconsistent data. At times the black intelligence score improves and other times decline.

The true status of the black intelligence is still to be determined. But it is often proven that statistical data of the IQ scores should not be used to make very important community decisions.

The reason may not work with the IQ testing industry. But you should not ignore other explanations...

Environmental Impacts Upon Black Intelligence

The supporters of the low black intelligence believe that your genes transfer intelligence to your children. The collective wisdom of a community may be defined in terms of IQ test scores.

Catching with the argument psychologists have deduced the following results from the available IQ score data.

1- Jews are the most intelligent people in the world.

2- Asians are more intelligent than whites.

3- The African nations are below average or mentally retarded (Ref: Murrey)

4- A 15 point difference exists in IQ of Catholics and Protestants in Ireland (Ref: "Race and Culture" by Thomas Sowell)

5- Hot finding is that blacks have lower IQ than the whites.

These statements represent the idea that different races have different IQ due to their birth. They often ignore the reality of environment. And by environment I mean income, parental occupations, schools, and cultural and religious explanations.

...and you canít limit the scope!

Main Reasons of Low Black Intelligence

First, ďWhat is intelligence?Ē

Each test developer shall come with a different definition. Most of them suggest that a measurement made by the IQ test is called intelligence.

The main reason lies with the IQ tests and their use. They may help you to make some career related decisions. But they canít be used to measure intelligence of the communities.

They are built, standardized and administered with a belief that they can measure your intelligence. You may improve your IQ score with the help of tuition, preparation and practice. Some people support faking for the reason.

Can you translate this improvement in the terms of intelligence?

Most of the professionals believe that such improvement doesnít increase your intelligence. But they donít admit that difference in IQ score does not imply that black intelligence is lower than the white intelligence.

The biggest reason lies with the IQ tests!

The supporting reason is the allegation that some IQ tests such as CLAS, WASL and SOL MCAS are used to crush the minorities even when they are close to the white IQ, with other tests.

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