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The Psych Up, Issue #015- Intelligence, race and thinking machine.
March 05, 2007

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Issue# 015

Editor: Saqib Ali Ateel

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"Explode Your World With Possibilities"

3. A Letter to the Editor



Some past issues of “The Psych Up” focused upon IQ scores, black intelligence and IQ improvement. The stream of articles generated appreciation as well as criticism. Susan Murray stressed me to contribute in the “silly battle” of race and intelligence on the Wikidpedia.

I am publishing the letter for your reading and contribution, if you like. Come back to answer a question, after reading the

You know the idea for superiority of man to man and race to race has been hovering upon the human history since beginning. The arguments continue shifting from royal blood to intelligence and genes. But they always gather support from the hyped race and criticism from rest of the world.

The knowledge of the day points to some factors that contribute in development of your personality, aptitudes and intelligence. They include:

• Parental development

• Nutrition of Mother during pregnancy

• Nutrition of the Child in Early Age

• Birth Order

• Home and family environment

• Schooling Methods

• Genetic factors

But they are not sure of the weight of these factors.

And now another effort has been made in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Some may have thought it a dead subject but Jeff Hawkins has created a thinking machine of its own kind.

He is going to market his platform with some cool tools to let you train your robots as you like.

Jeff Hawkinds knows that children are clueless when they open their eyes. However, with the passage of time they gather information and process to predict. Following the same principle, he has successfully built the Palm Pilot and the Treo.

Come back to answer a question after reading this story.

“Who are superior in intelligence?

1- Whites

2- Blacks

3- Thinking Machines

Your answer may help the Wikidpedia to delete ethnically wanton material from their website.

This month Mr. Saleem Rana is contributing “The Psych Up”. He explains with a real example how you can explode the world of opportunities with your brain, regardless of your race.

Stay Tuned!

The Editor

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Explode Your World With Possibilities!

You have enough brains to run a galaxy! What are you doing with it?

Neuroscientists have estimated that the average human brain has 100 billion cells, and that each of these cells is connected to 20,000 other ganglia and dendrites. This means that you have more brain connections than molecules in the known universe.

If this does not make you gasp, then you may have to question your ability to fog a mirror.

Naturally, with all this brain-power, you may wonder, as I did, when I learned these startling facts, is why does even my computer and calculator seem smarter than I am?

The answer is historical and social conditioning.

Yes, ever since you were little you have been educated to use less than your capacity. In studies of child prodigies, it has been found that they were raised in an extraordinary way that went against the prevailing social norms. They were exposed to sufficient intellectual stimulus at an early age and subsequently performed in a way that was truly remarkable.

I'll give you an example:

Instead of the disciplinary punishment so common to education, Boris and Sarah Sidis, believed in nurturing a precocious and fearless love of knowledge, into their son William.

This was an unusual idea in the early 20th century. They received much criticism for it. Nevertheless, they persisted.

The result of exposing young Sidis to educational information when most parents breathe a sigh of relief that their child can walk and talk was that young Sidis could read the New York Times at 18 months, taught himself Latin at 2, Greek at 3, wrote four books at 4, and knew Ten languages (English, Latin, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, French, German, Turkish, Armenian and Vendergood, his own invention) by age eight. And this was just the beginning. By the age of 11, William Sidis mastered higher mathematics and planetary revolutions, became youngest student to ever enroll at Harvard, and lectured Harvard Mathematical club on "Four-Dimensional Bodies.' He graduated from Harvard, cum laude, on June 24, 1914, at age 16. And two years later, entered Harvard Law School in 1916.

Now with this impressive start in life, you would expect that he lived a happy and productive life.

Actually, he went into obscurity, took on low paying employment, lived in horrible poverty, and even went to great efforts to hide his intelligence.

The reason: tremendous public disapproval. He was considered a freak, and constantly tormented by his peers.

Contrary to what you may have believed, intelligence is not popular, and this is why most people have learned how to dumb down their own.

Thus, it is not nature that has deprived us of expressing our own natural brilliance, but history and society.

We have been brought up to believe that we are not that bright.

And this belief is a historical legacy, because high intelligence has never been very popular. A highly intelligent population is not the ideal of religious and political forces, and since the beginning of recorded history, human intelligence has been suppressed.

Today, with our tremendous explosion of knowledge, we are finding it increasingly necessary to open our minds to our mental potential. Although, of course, the same compressive social forces are still hard at work. For example, our modern day schools still use the model of industrial age training, despite the tremendous breakthroughs in accelerated learning psychology clearly demonstrated by people like Georgi Lozanov, Tony Buzan, and Win Wenger.

Or, here's another example. Take radio and television. These two mediums are capable of giving every listener or viewer a first class university education. But what are they used to do? Negative news footage, social banter, and silly shows and movies. Anything deep is considered controversial.

You may, of course, argue, that William Sidis, had wonderful genes, because both his parents were brilliant as well; but, the fact remains, that even if one cannot be as brilliant as a known genius, your neurology is capable of tremendous feats, much more than you have ever known.

However, when you study the history of known geniuses, you find for the most part that they became geniuses because of how they were raised. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, they found allies, usually intelligent parents or mentors, that sheltered them from social conditioning about what they were capable of doing. Thus, they overcame the social forces that compel most people to develop mediocre minds.

In other words, the biological equipment is there for anyone to be highly intelligent. It just has never been used much. In many cases, it has been actively suppressed by negative environmental conditioning.

You are much brighter than you think.

Imagine what would happen if you were to start a program of mental cultivation? For example, each day, you can decide to be more creative with one aspect of your life.

Simply by having an intensely desired goal and asking focusing questions, you can resolve most of the problems that are bothering you today. Once you start to stimulate your mind, it will respond.

The reason why all our problems appear overwhelming and unsolvable is because of a massive conspiracy, since the beginning of recorded history, to suppress intelligence.

In the 20th century, we have invented more things than the entire history of the human race. How? It is because as a species, we have allowed more intelligent people to have a say in what is going on in the world. The industrial revolution created a demand for more brain power and a small minority of people responded.

Imagine what would happen in a world where everyone was allowed to be much more intelligent? We would be building cities under the ocean and colonizing space and resolving those bewildering problems that are threatening to destroy our species altogether.

Now, sadly, nobody is going to give you permission to be as bright, capable, and effective as you want to be. You must cease it for yourself.

You can start today by just deciding to clearly outline your goals and purpose in life and begin a deliberate campaign to find out how you can resolve your most pressing problems.

Once you start to tap your tremendous neurological capabilities through a conscientious effort, who knows what you are capable of being, doing, and having from life.

When there is enough desire, you can do anything. If you're looking for abundance, it's right inside your head. Nature has given you more raw intellectual capacity than you could ever use in a single lifetime. Imagine what would happen if you were to tap into even a sliver more than you have been using to this date. Your world would literally explode with exciting possibilities.

And as Mahatma Gandhi once said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world."

About the Author:

Saleem Rana would love to share his inspiring ideas His book Never Ever Give Up tells you how. It is offered at no cost as a way to help YOU succeed. The Empowered Soul

A Letter to the Editor:

From: Susan Murray

I'm writing you because of your important work with respect to the race and intelligence controversy.

Perhaps you heard of the wikipedia, it is an online user-created encyclopedia that has drawn much acclaim and controversy. As a math teacher, I've found the mathematics articles to be incredibly useful and accurate. (They contain fewer errors than my text books!) The articles on topics in the humanities however, are another story-- particularly those articles that relate to topics such as race or the African American experience.

I am in the middle of a long battle to revise the article on "Race and Intelligence" and I must admit I'm in over my head. I'm simply not an expert on these matters. The content of this article strikes me as deeply biased, mostly due to the fact that there is not enough historical context given for the findings on race differences in intelligence. (The content is similar to the arguments made in the that famous and infamous book "The Bell Curve") I am hoping that you, or perhaps one of your colleges, could help improve this article by weighing in on the discussion and giving your feedback to the editors on the wikipedia.

Many teachers, myself included, do not like the way that the wikipedia has become such a popular source for students. As I high school teacher I know that students use the wikipedia as a source, even when we caution them that the content is unreliable. I say all of this to assuage any concerns you might have that this is just a silly battle on the internet, like so many others.

I hope that you will take a look at the article and pass it on to anyone you know who might be able to help.

Here is the link:


Susan Murray


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