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The Psych Up, Issue #016- How to Encounter Nonverbal IQ Tests?
May 27, 2007

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Issue# 016

Editor: Saqib Ali Ateel

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"How to Encounter Nonverbal reasoning tests?" 3. FINAL NOTES


Have you ever thought about dangers of stress and depression? Most of the employees and workers have been facing stressful events at their workplaces. And it can kill them in multiple ways including death of brain cells, heart failures and high blood pressures.

The latest research has proven that stress not only affects your performance but also can kill your brain cells. Rosalind Franklin University researchers have proven this with different studies on rats. They have found that stress has killed those cells in brain that are generally attached with your learning processes. The continuous stress has even killed rats slowly.

In another study the UK scientists have shown that stress is not only dangerous for your brain cells but also heart cells. The stress at workplace can increase the risks of heart attack. The heart rhythm is disturbed and many cells stop working.

Yet another study has proved that stress at workplace can fuel an epidemic cardiovascular disease. The researchers have attached high blood pressure with stress in most of the cases.

The conclusion is that stress can kill in many ways...

While encountering psychological tests, always keep your mind peaceful. It shall not only improve your performance but also keep you safe from different physical problems.

I am not going to propose any exercise here but suggest that you should prepare well before encountering any psychological test. It shall help you to reduce the stress.

Stay Tuned Healthy,

The Editor

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How to Encounter Nonverbal Reasoning Tests?

Nonverbal reasoning tests measure your ability to recognize patterns, analogies and classifications in diagrams. They offer multiple choice questionnaires. You are not required specific language skills to solve the problems. Even your acquired knowledge in some particular field is not tested.

The nonverbal reasoning tests have been showing a high level of reliability and a good predictive validity. They are considered culturally free IQ tests. They are not only used in job screening process but also to recruit students for different academic trainings.

Patterns in Nonverbal reasoning tests

This section of nonverbal reasoning tests deals with the problems based upon continuation of figures. The series of figures offered will show some kind of pattern depicting some continuous change or movement step by step. You will have either to detect some figure out of the pattern or select a figure from the other set of figures to continue the pattern to the next step.

Generally, the pattern items consist of two series. One series of figures is numbered as A, B, C, D and E and is called the problem set. The following series contain five other figures numbered as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and forms the answering set. You are required to identify a hidden pattern in the problem side and choose a figure from the answer side to continue the pattern.

Analogies in Nonverbal reasoning tests

The analogy questions in nonverbal reasoning tests ask you to find a relationship between a pair of related figures and then recognize a similar or parallel relationship between a different set of figures. Keep in mind that analogy implies corresponding. You may encounter various types of analogy problems in the nonverbal reasoning tests but two of them are the most important:

1- Choosing One Element of a Similarly Related Pair

This type of questions in nonverbal reasoning tests are consist of four figures marked as A, B, C and D. The figures A and B form a pair and C and D another pair with a question mark in the D. This set is called problem side. You shall find five more figures forming a set marked with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. It forms the answering side.

When you attempt such analogy items, you shall find the figures A and B related to each other with some particular relationship. The figure C shall be a different figure and you would be required to find a figure for question mark in figure D from the answering set while establishing a relationship similar to the relationship between A and B.

A simple look at the answering side shall find the right solution if you have correctly established analogous relationship between A and B.

2- Choosing a Set of Similarly Related Figures

This type of analogy question in nonverbal reasoning tests, you are offered a pair of two figures. You shall find a definite relationship between the two figures in the pair and it is called the problem set. Then you are offered 5 pairs of figures and each set is numbered as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. This set is called the answer side.

While attempting this type of questions, you are required to find one pair out of five in the answering side that has similar relation to each other as the pair in the question side indicates.

Classifications in Nonverbal reasoning tests

Classification means dividing concepts in different sets. A particular example of classification is your library where you classify books on literature, religion, psychology, math etc in different sections. When the concept of classification enters in the arena of nonverbal reasoning tests, it forms very interesting questions to measure alertness of your mind.

While attempting questions from classification, you have generally to deal with problems of Odd-Man-Out type. You are given a set of five figures wherein four figures are alike in some manner and only one figure is different from all others. You have to find relationships between different figures to find your answer.

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