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Online Resource Guide to Encounter Personality, Aptitude and Intelligence Tests!

What would be the cost to pay?, "You asked."

If you are an economist there is "No Free lunch."

For others, most of the information is FREE!

Let me ask you a very simple question...!

Why are you looking for information on psychological tests?

Have a passion like me for soul peeking?


Going to face an intelligence or aptitude test very soon?


Facing problems regarding intelligence test results of your students or kids?

Whatever the situation may be...

Psychological tests have a role to play on today's academic environment and workforce market. Whether you like them or not, they are going to stay and affect your life in one way or the other.

For that purpose you precisely need to know what you are...!

How aptitude assessment tests determine your fitness for a particular job?

Why specific jobs are thought associated with specific personality types?

When 'suitability' is applied despite your being at the top?

How psychologists predict your academic and career future?

What capabilities and potentials you possess?

And what skills you need to polish to show your colors when time comes...!

I have dedicated this website to the job seekers, students, teachers and parents to find answers for these questions. Since then I have tried my best to keep things simple and let others to express their opinions freely.

Spend some time here and you will benefit. Start from the left-side navigation and the links. Use search button below to find exactly what you are looking for. You shall read simplified and straight to the point information about different personality, aptitude and intelligence tests. You shall also find some valuable resources to answer your questions. 

Best of Luck!

Saqib Ali Ateel

P.S. There are two sharply divided opinions about psychological tests. The testing industry claims their validity from 70% to 100%. The skeptics reject them altogether by highlighting their potential weaknesses. However, truth lies somewhere in between. Psychological Tests are helpful but you MUST trust in your passion.

P.P.S. You are invited to express your opinions at bottom of almost every page. I shall appreciate your support to improve this website. Please use “Contact Me" button for suggestions, questions and advice. You can also use this button to get quote for advertisement.

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