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Does your intelligence scores play any role in your future performance?

Most of the managers think so…

Interestingly it is no more an idiosyncratic idea. A study, “Why do IQ scores predict job performance?” by Eliza Byington and Will Felps proves a strong correlation between a job performance and your IQ scores. They suggest in the abstract:

“We argue that the current applications of IQ-reflective tests allow individuals with high IQ scores to receive greater access to developmental resources, enabling them to acquire additional capabilities over time, and ultimately perform their jobs better. This institutional explanation for the IQ–job performance link is an alternative to the prevailing assertion that IQ facilitates job performance through on-the-job learning. Further, this explanation suggests that the frequently repeated prescription “select on intelligence” may be institutionally contingent.”

(Reference: “Why do IQ scores predict job performance?”)

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Another study “Predicting academic achievement with cognitive ability” by Treena Eileen Rohde, Lee Anne Thompson also proves a strong correlation between IQ and GPA scores and SAT scores.

The researchers studied specific cognitive abilities of interest like working memory, processing speed, and spatial ability. They also included general cognitive ability in their research by testing with the Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices and the Mill Hill Vocabulary Scales.

(Reference: Treena Eileen Rohde, Lee Anne Thompson, Predicting academic achievement with cognitive ability, Intelligence, Volume 35, Issue 1, January-February 2007, Pages 83-92)

As far as my experience as a manager goes, I have a different opinion. I agree that the candidates having better scores can perform better with clear goals, hard work and persistence. I have seen many a brilliant minds lacking these qualities and going to dust. On the other hand I have seen many average people performing well with these qualities.

But I again admit that the candidates having better scores have better potentials to excel in performance. Without going into nurture vs. nature theories, I would like to hire a person scoring better on a standard IQ scale.

Can you increase your scores with practice?

It does not matter whether practice of IQ tests increases your intelligence or not. But it is a reality that better scoring increases your chances to be hired as you feel comfortable by learning the patterns in advance.

Recently, a number of brain games, teasers and software have invaded the internet with claims to increase your IQ scores. I had downloaded a couple of them in 2010 to test to see whether they can increase my IQ scores or not. Incidentally, I purchased a program that really worked to increase my IQ scores by 15 points within 20 days.

It is widely known as High IQ Pro

I put its links on my website and soon there was a rush of purchasers. I knew that it will not work for all but for my surprise only 1% purchasers preferred to get back their money with ironclad money back guarantee of ClickBank.

At that time the company claimed to increase your IQ scores by 40% within 20 days. Since then a lot of development has been made not only in the field of psychometric but also in the software sophistication. Now they are claiming to increase your IQ scores by 50% within the same time.

I suggest you to try it for 30 days by spending less than half an hour a day. Most probably you shall fall within the 99% who prefer never to get back their money as they succeed to increase their IQ scores to get a contract for their applied jobs.

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P.S. People behind the High IQ Pro

The following experts have been working to improve the system consistently:

1- Dr. Mark Ashton Smith. Director. Dr. Ashton Smith obtained a Ph.D in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the joint Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh University Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition program

2- Dr. Matthew Checkley. Dr. Checkley has an MBA and a PhD in Strategy from Warwick Business School, and is a Lecturer in Canterbury Christ Church University

3- Professor Alan Baddeley, FRS, CBE. Psychology. University of York. Developed our understanding of the multiple components of working memory.

4- Dr Susanne Jaeggi. University of Michigan. Lead the research project that demonstrated an intelligence gain from dual n-back training.

5- Dr Martin Buschkuehl. Research Fellow. University of Michigan

6- Professor John Jonides, Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Michigan.

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