Are You A Genius?
IQ Test Scores Claim To Classify...

The IQ test scores are derived from the correct answers that you provide to a multi-choice questionnaire. A professionally built IQ test is comprised of various sub-tests to measure your verbal, numerical and spatial skills, and also your analytical reasoning with the provided data.

The instrument is similar to any other intelligence test for its design and effectiveness. However, IQ test score meanings have converted it into an entirely different breed.

Some IQ tests have a long-standing claim to classify you by your intelligence. They take intelligence as a measurable entity that you get by birth. They think that it remains almost constant throughout your life. Adding insult to injury, some races/nations are considered low by their national IQ test ratings.

What is Intelligence?

You need to define intelligence before you start measuring 'g' factor..!

Unfortunately, there is no standardized definition of this conceptual word 'intelligence.' Most of the psychologists equate it with different acquirable capabilities. In 1986, during a controlled study, a group of 25 psychologists defined intelligence in 25 different ways. The definitions included adaptability to a new situation, cognitive capabilities, logical thinking, abstract thinking, originality, alertness, common-sense, productiveness, and creativity.

Most of these traits can be improved...

David Wechsler may be right to claim that an idiot can't become a mathematician with any amount of training and hard work.

But Wechsler IQ tests can identify improvable capabilities.

Most of the IQ test fans define intelligence what an IQ test can measure. But there are certain capabilities which IQ tests can't measure. They include creativity, non-academic talents, musical capability, manual dexterity, interpersonal skills, etc.

Then what is 'intelligence'?

A concept is still looking for a scientific expression.... 

.....and WAIS is claiming to measure it!

IQ Test Inventor And Interpretations...

general intelligence tests

Alfred Binet is credited as IQ test inventor. He wanted to identify children in schools who needed special education due to their weaknesses in vocabulary, comprehension, and memory. He also focused on their average capability to solve daily life problems.

He termed intelligence as an improvable faculty in human beings. He also observed that human intelligence could be neither measured nor expressed in numbers.

However, his forewarning has mainly been ignored. The online IQ tests claim not only to measure your intelligence but also express that in a normal number. 

How IQ test score meanings changed?

How IQ Tests Work?

IQ is an abbreviation for “intelligence quotient”. Oxford dictionary defines it, “A number denoting the ratio of a person’s intelligence to the normal or average.” It is derived by dividing your 'mental age' with your chronological age, and multiplying the mean with 100, to normalize the number. The results are explained by a curve which is called Bell Curve.

IQ= (M.A/C.A)X100

....mental Age?

Different IQ tests are designed for different ages. If you can encounter an IQ assessment successfully designed for your age group, your mental age equals to your chronological age. However, if you are 21 years old and encounter a test designed for the average age-group of 28, your mental age is 28 years old. And your IQ shall be...

IQ= (28/21)X100= 133 points

....a Genius?

It is possible that your IQ may deviate standard from 15 points, either way.

General explanations of IQ test scores admit that IQ test ratings are subject to vary 5 points every week. The psychologists have discovered that mood, anxiety, stress, environment, education, culture, and abode may influence IQ test rating variable.

It is interesting to note that people are scoring better and better with every passing generation.

What is the reason?

Are they growing more intelligent? Or

Are they getting more familiar with the IQ testing mechanism? 

Read some causes 

Validity of IQ Test Scores

The validity of IQ test scores is often questioned!

Most of the psychologists declare that the IQ tests are not errored free psychological instruments. There is very little reliable evidence to prove their validity. They can give different results under different conditions for the same subjects. No IQ test can guarantee 100% accuracy of predictions.

But intelligence tests are used widely all over the world...

...and they have even assumed the power to classify some as a genius, average or even an idiot.

In words of famous columnist, Walter Lippmann:

"One only has to read around in the literature of the see how easily the intelligence test can be turned into an engine of cruelty, could turn into a method of stamping a permanent sense of inferiority upon the soul of a child...."

Unfortunately, the cruelty goes on....

For a break, you need to realize that intelligence is still an ambiguous and not measurable potential. It can be developed to the fullest possible expression with the right information, practice, and experience.

And IQ test scores can only identify your current level of mental alertness, not your constant intelligence factor.

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