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I used to have no idea of software which can increase your IQ score. I didn't know what IQ score increasing techniques to be practiced before getting admitted to Harvard.  I had been studying psychology and psycho-metrics during last six years, and I was sure that ‘increase in intelligence’ and ‘maximization of intelligence were two different things. There were many websites claiming to increase your intelligence. 

Should I be doubting every argument and everyone around regarding IQ test software? Or practice free intelligence tests through hours every day? Or something different?

I’d go crazy with frustration.  

I knew it was once a lifetime chance to study at Harvard. I decided to try everything to score better on Psycho-metrics in all kind of testing. Despite that my principal focus was on intelligence tests. There were professional techniques like ‘Jaeggi’ Dual N-Back, supplements and sample Wonderlic tests to measure my intelligence within 12 minutes.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried these approaches.

I ended up saying to myself, "Saqib, this sucks! Now losing in another intelligence tests could be right around the corner."

And guess what? It's primarily because I didn’t know this one thing.

Something tells me you know exactly what I went through.

Luckily, I stumbled upon HighIQPro, a perfect IQ test software, to train your brain FOR SURE by replicating Original ‘Jaeggi’ Dual N-Back Tasks to increase your IQ Scores by 20 points.  This magical system has been tested by hundreds of my valuable visitors and 99.9% have recommended it for other candidates. 

Despite my doubts, I committed myself to go through the HighIQPro training session before taking any test for admission at Harvard...

And it was like a breeze to pass through all psychometric tests prepared and deployed at any stage of admission and even after entrances. 

It’s an extremely powerful brain training software. 

With this system you’ll…

• realize your IQ scores will increase during trial period…

• realize your career goals are achievable...

• see your intelligence progress more clearly...

I’m sure you see where I’m going.

Using this cool little 'Super Intelligence Increasing Software', you can know how to increase your IQ scores by 20 points...

...all in a way that’s completely easy and predictable.

Now, if you really want to get ahead, you may want to check out The HighIQPro – what many are calling "a miraculous software for serious people"...

3 Steps to Increase Your IQ 

Step 1: Download High IQ Pro here

Step 2: Take a valid and scientifically standardized IQ Test

Step 3: Use High IQ Pro for 20 days

Take the same test from the same company. You will discover that your IQ scores have increased by 10-20 points. You can check with the second IQ test or any other valid and standardized test.

People behind the High IQ Pro

High IQ Pro

Does your intelligence scores play any role in your future performance?

Most of the managers think so. 

Interestingly it is no more an idiosyncratic idea. A study, “Why do IQ scores predict job performance?” by Eliza Byington and Will Felps prove a strong correlation between a job performance and your IQ scores. They suggest in the abstract:

“We argue that the current applications of IQ-reflective tests allow individuals with high IQ scores to receive greater access to developmental resources, enabling them to acquire additional capabilities over time, and ultimately perform their jobs better. This institutional explanation for the IQ–job performance link is an alternative to the assertion that IQ facilitates job performance through on-the-job learning. Further, this explanation suggests that the frequently repeated prescription “select on intelligence” may be institutionally contingent.”

(Reference: “Why do IQ scores predict job performance?”)

Following the same idea, following experts have been working continuously behind High IQ Pro, the only intelligence test software:

1- Dr. Mark Ashton Smith. Director. Dr. Ashton Smith obtained a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and neuroscience from the joint Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh University Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition program

2- Dr. Matthew Checkley. Dr. Checkley has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Strategy from Warwick Business School and is a Lecturer in Canterbury Christ Church University

3- Professor Alan Baddeley, FRS, CBE. Psychology. The University of York. Developed our understanding of the multiple components of working memory.

4- Dr. Susanne Jaeggi. The University of Michigan. Lead the research project that demonstrated an intelligence gain from dual n-back training.

5- Dr. Martin Buschkuehl. Research Fellow. University of Michigan

6- Professor John Jonides, Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Michigan. 

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