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We all are born with individual capabilities. You may be a genius by birth. However, the majority of people are grouped as average on an IQ scale. The job-related intelligence tests compare your scores on an intelligence test with others. If you score better than others, you secure some more chances for a job selection. 

When I first time heard about HighIQPro some years back, I was to move to NUS & Harvard to take a master degree in public management. I was excited to become a student again during my daily 9 to 5  rut. There was no need to increase my intelligence, yet to satiate my curiosity, I downloaded a copy. I was offered an intelligence test in the beginning. I enjoyed it, gone through the details and noted down my score. Then I practiced step-to-step for 20 days (I always keep in mind the money back guarantee period while making a purchase online). I took the second intelligence test. I was surprised to see a phenomenal increase in my IQ scores. It was amazing.

Being a satisfied customer, I placed an affiliate link to the program on this website. When you have to focus on your studies as well on exploring Singapore & America, you are left with no time to be spent on the internet business. I was surprised to see a lot of thanks from my visitors for their experience with HighIQPro. 

During all these years, thousands of my visitors have tested HighIQPro. Only a couple of them have requested for a refund during their trial period. You can test and share your experience below.

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