Mensa IQ Test and Benefits of Mensa Membership

Mensa IQ Test is administered to offer you a paid membership in Mensa.

What is Mensa?

It is a global society or group of people where each member has distinction to have IQ ratings of the top 2% of the IQ test subjects. But every person ending up in the IQ elite does not necessarily become its member. Many prefer not to join for one reason or the other.

The word ‘MENSA’ means mind, table and month in Latin. Generally, the word is considered equivalent to a table or a round table where people of higher intelligence sit by ignoring their racial, national and cultural backgrounds.

Mensa was established by an English lawyer Roland Berrill and a scientist Dr. Lance Ware in 1946. They intended to form a group or society of the people having higher intelligence. They had no political, religious or cultural goals. The society still claims to be biased free.

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Mensa IQ Test and Entrance Criteria

The official website of Mensa says that there are no special qualifications and processes to be a member of the Mensa. You are required just to take either the Mensa test or any other approved IQ test and score to qualify for the membership. For correct results, a supervisor administers the Mensa test.

You need to score 132 or the equivalent IQ score at Mensa test or any other approved IQ test. Since different tests have different norms and different IQ score ratings so the Mensa has chosen to side with the concept of percentile. You need to end up in the top 2% of the IQ test takers to join Mensa as a member.

The list of the approved tests has changed many times. It is better to contact the local office of the Mensa in your area or country. However, currently about two hundred tests are approved for the membership of the MENSA including:

SATs, GREs, LSAT, WAIS, Raven, Stanford Benit, California Test of Cognitive Skills, Differential Ability Scales (DAS), Otis-Lennon Tests, Otis-Gamma Test, Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT), Stanford Binet, Stanford Binet 5, ACT Composite, GMAT, GRE, Henmon-Nelson, Miller Analogies Test (MAT), PSAT (taken in junior year), PSAT (taken in senior year), CEEB, California Test of Mental Maturity (CTMM), Cattell, Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, Wechsler Adult and Children Scales, Army GCT, Navy GCT etc.

Validity of Mensa IQ Test

Most of the online IQ tests are not considered suitable for the measurement of your intelligence. Though, in my opinion, the off line IQ tests are also not 100% reliable but they have at least some standards, time frame, administrative set-up and supervision.

The situation with the IQ test Mensa online is not different. Even Mensa does not accept results from the IQ Test Mensa Online as qualification for entrance in the Mensa. You may take an IQ test Mensa online for free or some fee but the results shall be used by the Mensa just to invite you to take a real off line Mensa IQ test.

In a real off line Mensa test you are generally offered 36 items. You are provided an answer sheet to select your answers from multiple choice questions.

Why to Take Mensa IQ Test?

The Mensa IQ test results or even the membership is not going to help you in your job screening process. It is just a funny IQ test and for entertainment and boast your results to your peers.

The question arises why you should take a paid Mensa IQ test or even join the membership for a yearly fee?

The supporters of the Mensa offer a number of benefits and some of them are really worthy to be considered.

Opening of New Opportunities

The Mensa membership involves you in a group where every member claims a distinction. The organization arranges a number of social gatherings every year in all the countries where local groups exist. You can have good contacts with other people to dig more opportunities and better networking.

New Information About Intelligence

Mensa is highly related to the concept of intelligence so it spends a fortune to research in the field and also keeps a record of the latest developments. Different groups publish different magazines and newsletter for its members. You can find articles and content on the subject from different qualified sources.

Common Interest Groups

Almost every one has some interest or hobby and wants to see others who have the same kind of passion. The Mensa members are from different backgrounds such as common people, drivers, officers, writers etc. You can easily find a group which has the same kind of interests as you have. Such groups are called Special Interest Groups (SIG). You can contact your local office or the website to know what kinds of groups are currently active.

Support to the Gifted Children

It is natural for the Mensa to find and support the gifted children. Such financial supports can help those children who are brighter but don’t have resources to flourish fully. In my opinion such support can change lives of the people and their families if done properly.

Mensa IQ Test and Success

Success in your life does not depend upon the Mensa IQ test results. It depends upon faith in your goal, commitment and persistence in your efforts. If you are sharp in inductive reasoning it is good and if you are not, it is not a thing to worry too much.

Whether you decide to take Mensa IQ test or not but don’t take the results very seriously. If you are an expert to take the IQ tests or practice sufficiently, there are chances that you shall join the intelligence elite club. However, if you fail to join the group, there is nothing to worry.

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