MENSA Can't Measure All Types of Intelligence!

by Andy1
(Edmonton, Canada)

I read somewhere that a group of MENSA individuals were going to a MENSA convention, had a map and directions, but became lost en route. I think that is quite funny.

Also, I do think that education does have something to do with the results on IQ tests; for example, if one doesn't focus on math, then it may be difficult to concentrate on math questions due to a mindset or pathways in the brain, perhaps, that aren't set. Or, one might not know what a prime number is, or a hexagon. It might be difficult to add numbers if one has always used a calculator. One can definitely study for test to determine patterns, etc.

At my daughter's school, one she used to attend, they celebrated different kinds of intelligence each month. I don't think all kinds of intelligence are measured by IQ tests. Many individuals who are artistic or good at different levels of psychological or philosophical thought are far more intelligent than some who are logical on different levels - more intelligent in their own way.

Also, some individuals hide behind intellectualism and don't want to compete, feeling superior, but not wanting to fail. They may not socialize believing they are more intelligent; but, really, they are perhaps on only so many levels and aren't emotionally intelligent or can't interact due to a lack of social skills or whatever.

Many plodders get farther ahead than so called intelligent individuals. It depends what success is classified as. The 4.0 grads who only studied won't be as successful overall, perhaps, as one who had a balanced life and achieved 3.0. Also, that person might not be as obsessed with intelligence.

What are the MENSA people doing, for the most part, other than participating in MENSA? How many are accomplishing great things. That would be very interesting to know. I have a family full of intelligent people, but they are not warmly caring, interactive, nice and sympathetic souls. I wish I had a family of a few people who wanted to get together for Christmas or go bowling, or God knows what. I am sick of intelligent people who are detached or full of themselves. I often think of the Russians who used to keep their tractors running, keep food hidden for the family, survived. Meanwhile, many of their kids were the so-called intellectuals, although they weren't the ones surviving. I think the parents who survived were more intelligent on various levels and the kids took the easy self absorbed way out. The highest level of intelligence is when one is enlightened and aware, without dogma. Those self actualized souls who supposedly sit on mountaintops who aren't tested in the everyday day - how enlightened are they, really? Not very if they haven't had to slog through the realities and challenges of everyday life. Priests, for example, they might be aware on a level or two, but maybe it doesn't matter if they haven't gone through family issues, etc. They probably have to be reincarnated - or maybe are already, who knows, but smart people who hide behind intelligence and aren't even polite or interactive or particularly kind aren't all that intelligent on many levels. There is so much b.s. to so much - including intelligence testing.

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by: Anonymous

Mensa is a joke.

They accept 200+ tests for admission and there are a lot of bookworms who have been studying their whole lives to pass those tests who manage to get into Mensa. Aside for memorizing those texts, some of them seem to have no creativity, no free thinking, nothing. They can't understand logic, they can't see the point in certain things, and were they to be administered an overall IQ test such as the Mensa test for which they would not be able to prepare by studying, they would fail miserably.

I was sent to the school psychologist in 1983 because I never did any homework and yet I had straight A's in all tests. They put me at the top 0.1% after I obtained the highest scores attainable in a multitude of tests and it was suggested that I did see specialists to determine what part I was of the 0.1%.

I got bored of everything including school and the only reason I graduated from college is because they allowed me to take 4 week classes supervised by individual instructors, and I finished 16 classes in 3 months that way, and with A's in all classes. Before that I was a 1.0 to 2.0 student as I have had no ability to focus on what was going on in class. I would finish the books the first week, and then hated having to sit 3-4 months going through chapter by chapter.

I am doing well for myself, I don't believe in "money being the solution to everything" but I do know it is needed for survival, so I made enough to buy myself a 50 acre house in maine by Stockton Springs where I live off the land and paint, draw, play music, and do whatever else I want without having to conform to the expectations of modern society.

I may rejoin Mensa here to see how they are (I was made a lifetime member after my meeting with the psychologist but of course they didn't honor it so I had to take their test in 1999 while i was doing my PhD, and got the maximum score possible. Afterwards I moved to Las Vegas and ended up not renewing my Mensa membership after a few years because I couldn't deal with a bunch of people gathering once in a while and making sure everybody in the place could see the "Mensa" sign, basically getting off on thinking that they were superior to the "rest of the people" around them). Hopefully they will be more pleasant than the ones I have had the misfortune to meet, and maybe they may turn out interesting as well.

Back to the article though, Mensa is just an overrated of gathering of people who think they are superior to others based on scores obtained in questionable, dubious tests (there are quite a few questions which ask you which is the matching or non-matching object, and they are so subjective since there are dozens of ways you could separate them but as long as you answer what they expect you to answer, you can get top scores anytime you take them). Plus as you say, education has to do with it and most importantly upbringing as well as ethnic backgrounds. Current IQ tests are all biased one way or another based on the person(s) preparing the tests and there is no indicator of intelligence other than subjective opinions of those who are smarter than the rest but of course, nobody would agree to a set of people like that since they would never admit someone else's superior intelligence over them when that is what would matter.

I am joining it again for the sole purpose of socializing, and if it turns out to be like the one in Nevada or Oregon, I will be looking elsewhere for social interaction :)

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