What Are Main Scholarship Scams? A Few Tips to Avoid them!

A couple of recent news about the scholarship scams has invited the attention of people involved in the education industry in one way or the other. The high cost of good education requires most of the students to apply for scholarships for advanced studies. Such a situation needs you to be careful while selecting a scholarship source. There are a few tips that can save you from a scholarship scam:

#1 – Offering ‘Money Back Guarantee.’

No one can ever guarantee that you will receive a scholarship. The only individuals that may have some power to announce a scholarship winner will be the committee members that decide and inform you that the scholarship has been awarded to you. Such a claim is surely among obvious scholarship scams. If some companies claim that they can guarantee that you get a scholarship, they may surely come with several caveats that may be impossible to complete, thus almost ensuring that you will not get the scholarship, and will end up being scammed. 

#2 – ‘Wow! You’ve Won A Scholarship’

While this may be what you want to hear when you apply for a scholarship, however when you get this news in an instance when you have not applied at all, you are definitely dealing with a scam. Anything that seems too good to be true will be untrue! The only way to win a legitimate scholarship will be when you apply for it as companies’ do not go about randomly picking out someone and award them money. Such bait offers aim only to collect your information and collect money from you.

#3 – ‘In Less Than a Dollar Only’

Clearly as explained before, if any money is demanded, the offer/s is a scam. Never, ever, does a scholarship cost you anything. There are services available that help you search information for your scholarship, however, this information is always freely obtainable and thus no need to charges apply. Anything charged for information access or for getting a scholarship is included in scholarship scams. 

#4 – Exclusive Access to …’

All scholarship related information is openly available on the internet and everyone has access to them. No one has any access to exclusive information related to a scholarship, and any such claim is an apparent fraud. Companies that claim such exclusive access often offer you nothing except false hopes until they get your money and flee. 

#5 – ‘You Have to Do Nothing.’

Some companies claim that they will do everything required for a scholarship, while you will just sit at home and win it. This is just not possible. You will have to fill in the required information for a scholarship yourself. Not only is it necessary, but also offering all this information to someone else is risky. Such scholarship scams charge you just to search the details out on Google or Bing while offering information you might already know. 

#6 – ‘Only a Few Minutes Remaining …’

Any company claiming to get involved with their services or paying them, based on an offer that would explore in a few minutes or hours, is a definite scam. Besides adhering to the deadline given by the official scholarship form submission, there is no other deadline you will have to worry about. 

Scholarship scams are prevalent nowadays, ranging from companies asking you for information to financial investment in their services, etc. 

#7 - A Few Ninja Tips To Avoid Scholarship Scams

A few tips are such vital that I am putting them in bullets even at the cost of repetition. Please keep in mind:

  • All legitimate education support scholarships are free to apply. You don't have to pay a single penny to get money (scholarship). 
  • No scholarship requires any kind of sensitive information from you.  When someone asks you your social security number or bank account number, you mustn't provide. It is a scam!
  • No scholarship ever promises any low-interest loan charging any kind of fee for it.
  • No scholarship information is ever hidden and everything is available on the internet freely. 
  • Always use reliable and reputable sources when you look out for scholarships.

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