Can Colors Represent Your Behaviors?

Color Personality Tests Measure Your Personality with Your Color Choice!

It is a common perception that colors influence your mood and emotions. However, color personality tests go a step farther. They claim that not only your current state of emotions but also future behaviors can be determined with the help of your preferred choice of colors. Incidentally, some corporations, colleges, and schools are giving color meanings more weight than ever. They tend to make the most important career decisions with the help of your choice of colors.

Can you show them your ‘true colors’?

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It started with Max Lûscher, in the 1940s. He confirmed that different colors act upon your emotions differently. The blue calms. The red excites. And black saddens.

By reversing the logic, he claimed, different colors represent different behaviors. Consequently, your choice of color represents your current emotional status. When you regularly go for a particular favorite, it shows your way to handle the world around you. He suggested eight colors which can be used to identify different behaviors.

In 1978, Don Lowry suggested that like four senses of humor of Greeks, four primary Myers Briggs Types, four temperaments, there are four basic color personalities. He theorized that your choice for four major colors; blue, gold, green and orange, depicts your emotional reactions in the real world situations.

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Scientific Reasons Behind Colors

How do you see the colors?

The color of an object is its characteristics which reflect specific frequencies of light wavelength. The blue background of this website is visible because it absorbs all frequencies of light except those which are related to blue color.

But there are biological factors as well. 

There are specific cells in the retina of your eyes. They contain three significant pigments; blue, green and yellow. They collect the related information from your environment and transmit that to your primary visual cortex where it is processed to be understood. Sometimes, either due to complex genetic interaction or some disease, these cells start malfunctioning. It is called color blindness.  

However, color blindness does not create a big issue. These tests contain such colors which are viewable to the ordinary and color blinds equally.

Psychological Reasons Behind Color Reactions

Psychologists agree that different colors may have a different influence on different people, depending on their past related memories. An orchard of red roses can make you jollier. However, red blood can have an entirely different impact. Yet, color tests have developed generalized behavioral meanings of colors.

Color Meanings

Different color personality tests use different sets of colors. They differ even in the number of colors. Some critical colors and their related generalized color meanings are given here for your amusement.

Orange Color Meanings

Orange is related to energy, strength, and power. Your preferred choice of orange shows you a fighter. You love to win. You are a competitor. You are considered more suitable for the careers in sports, architecture, and engineering. You fancy for design and form.  Color personality tests term you as an energetic motivator.

Gold Color Meanings

Gold color represents loyalty and responsibility. When your primary choice is for gold, the color personality tests consider you an organizer. You love a peaceful environment. You value work and service-oriented tasks. You have a higher degree of performance, stability, and orderliness.

Green Color Meanings

The color personality preference tests assume that green color represents the persistent, decisive and resistant state of mind. You are considered assertive. You care very little for feelings and focus upon the available information before making a decision. They think you suitable for careers in science, research, accounts, and auditing. You are capable of analyzing the details in a minute.

Blue Color Meanings

The blue color is related to calmness. When your primary choice is blue, the color personality tests consider you creative, balanced and harmonious. You avoid too many conflicting opinions. You are peaceful and possess a developed aesthetic sense. You are deemed suitable for careers in art, music, and literature.

Red Color Meanings

Red color excites!

The color personality tests associate it with enthusiasm, strength, and competitiveness. You love and hate with a certain degree of intensity. You are courageous. You are considered better for careers in surgery, emergency medical services, weightlifting, athletics, etc. You can communicate well and tend to be talkative. When you start listening others, you can solve problems better than others.

Advice for color personality tests

Trust in your judgment.

Before writing this article, I took 3-4 free color personality tests. Surprisingly, they were showing almost the same results. But the descriptions were not about me.

I was feeling agile and energetic before starting my session. However, the results were showing me unsatisfied, gloomy and sad. It was just after 2nd personality color test that the impact begun upon me. After the 3rd test, I was feeling myself unsatisfied, gloomy and weakening.

However, you are a better judge than any psychological instrument!

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