Characteristics of Myers Briggs Personality Tests

The purpose of a personality test is to shed some light on the strengths and weaknesses within your personality. When you get more aware of these traits, you can interact better with the people around you whether you are in your personal or professional life. One such personality test that is extremely popular in the business community is the Myers Briggs Personality Tests. 

While each person has a unique personality, theorists are of the opinion that some common characteristics have grouped people into different types of personalities. When you get to know which kind of personality you have, you can gain an insight as to why you are doing things in a particular manner. Moreover, when you work as a team member, you can improve your understanding of the difference in opinions between team members and can get along with them better.

16 Types

This theory is based upon the behavior of an individual that are random and are also quite predictable based upon judgment and perceptions. There are 16 types of personalities and are determined by the preferences of an individual in 4 separate categories which include:

1.    Preferring for the focus on inner world – Introversion “I” or outside world Extroversion ‘E'. 

2.    Focusing on the basic information as it is taken – Sensing ‘S’- or on adding meaning or interpreting the information – Intuition ‘N’.

3.    Preference for inserting logic into the decision-making process – Thinking ‘T’ – or over people or special situations – Feeling ‘F’.

4.    Preference for getting everything decided – Judging ‘J’ – or become open to gain new information – Perceiving ‘P’.

This test is commonly used in several business-environments, including:

•    Team building

•    Career selection

•    Leadership development

•    Personal development

•    Interviewing and screening employees

Characteristics of Myers Briggs Personality Tests

Myers Briggs Personality Tests

The Myers Briggs test is being used in corporations for decades; however, is mostly criticized to be a ‘soft’ tool which delivers those results that are not all the time relevant to be applied within the business or career settings. Despite all the criticism this test holds, it still serves to be an effective way for corporations to determine the characteristics of their present and potential employees and identifying potential opportunities that lead to further success. Below mentioned are some characteristics of the Myers Briggs test:

How a person can behave in certain ways?

There are some types of personalities that are most suitable for certain types of situations. Understanding which person falls within which scale can make the decision making the process easier and effective. For example, if you have an introverted-sensed type of personality than you may be more comfortable in smaller structured settings whereas, if you have an extroverted-sensed feeling, you may be more inclined towards loud and big gatherings.

Identifying areas of improvement

If the Myers Briggs personality tests reveal that you have some weaknesses in certain areas or find it difficult to lead or follow structured directions than you have gained an understanding of your areas for improvement. 

Renewed confidence

Another characteristic of the Myers Briggs test is that your confidence increases and you get to handle things more effectively. Your personality will come about several different types of interpretations and observations that boost your confidence in understanding your strengths

Helps improving relationships

This test helps in improving your relationship with other people. The more you are able to understand your tendencies, the better you will be to control yourself in different situations. Moreover, when you get to know about the personality of others around you, you can use that information to improve your way of communicating and working with others.


The Myers Briggs personality tests help in gaining an insight into your tendencies and what environment or role suits your personality the most. Every person has unique personality traits and they require guidance to adopt a career choice which suits both their requirements and personalities. Through this test, you will be able to take out the best from you and become productive selves. 

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