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The personality career tests measure those personality traits which are required for your applied job. You are offered with a multiple choice questionnaire to express your preferences for a number of statements. Your choices, theoretically, demonstrate what type of personality you are, or what personality traits you have developed so far.

Psychologists theorize that you don’t react on spur of your emotions but follow specific measurable but divergent patterns. The least controversial dimension is that of extroversion vs. introversion, depending upon your source of stimulation. The career personality tests work out your preferences for a dimension to declare you a particular type of personality. 

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The use of personality career tests has been growing world over, since 9/11 incident. It has become a part and parcel of any career assessment session meant for screening purposes. Only one such tool, i.e., Meyers Briggs personality test, has been taken for more than 2 million times, the past year.

But this wide range of usage does not make employee personality test a perfect screening tool. Like many other psychological instruments, it is prone to error for definitions of personality, designing methodology and interpretative approaches.

However, it has proven its worth by helping employers to make the best humanly possible decisions.

What Is Personality?

Personality is not an agreed upon concept. The psychologists define it concerning various personality traits. It is not surprising to find hundreds of definitions for personality in any general book of personality psychology. Alan Allport has identified 17953 traits of a human personality.

What more...

Some people even believe that personality remains constant throughout your life. The best definition that most of the psychologists confirm is:

“Personality is an individual’s characteristic and distinctive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.”

What Traits Personality Career Tests Measure?

Different personality career tests measure different personality traits, depending upon different theories. The most respected Meyers Briggs personality career tests identify the following four ‘universal’ mutually exclusive patterns of human personality types:

1- Extroversion vs. Introversion (E1)

2- Thinking vs. Feeling (TF)

3- Sensing vs. Intuiting (SN)

4- Judging vs. Perceiving (JP)

Temperament types theory is an amalgamation of Myers Briggs personality types and ancient ideas of Hippocrates about on four humors. However, temperament theory is not considered a variant of the type theory.

The big five is also a popular model. They measure following factors of your personality:

1- Extroversion vs. Introversion

2- Emotional Stability vs. Emotionally Re-activeness

3- Agreeableness vs. Disagreeable

4- Conscientiousness vs. Spontaneous

5- Openness vs. Traditional Mindset

There are other test which measure different patterns depending upon their theories, methodologies and interpretations. They include objective tests, enneagram personality tests , and personality color tests.

Which Formats Personality Career Tests Adopt?

There are various versions of personality career tests. However, they all measure your preferences and compare them with those of other candidates, and tally with those required for your applied job. You are offered a multiple choice questionnaire on one of these two main formats.

1- You are required to agree, disagree or strongly agree with the given statement.


2- You are required to accept a statement for always, sometimes or never.

Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test

How to Encounter Career Personality Tests?

personality career tests

Whatever format they adopt, the career personality tests are not examination in any sense of definition. You may not have the required traits, but they never declare you fail or pass. On the same stretch, your preferences may not please the employer, but your personality can’t be reported right or wrong. But you may be screened out, depending upon your preferences.

Psychologists suggest that you shouldn’t prepare for a personality career tests. They claim not to test your ability, expertise or maturity but your preferences for a given situation. If you prepare and opt for specific preferences just to qualify for a job, it is considered 'cheating' or 'faking.'

You are the right person to settle moral issues. However, following statements are admitted facts:

1-    Personality Career Tests are not perfect tools to analyze all your personality. Even the most reliable companies agree that they fail in 30% cases to find out the right personalities for right jobs.

2-    The well-prepared candidates are getting better ‘scoring’ and more chances to be selected for a particular job.

3-    The personality is still a vague psychological concept.

4-    The personality may be a unity, but you continue to develop your traits throughout your life. If you are introvert, proper information and practice can make you extrovert.


5-    No career personality test can measure your all out personality traits.

The originator of Meyers Briggs personality tests, Carl Jung, says:

"...there is no such thing as a pure extravert or a pure introvert. Such a man would be in the lunatic asylum. They are only terms to designate a certain penchant, a certain tendency...the tendency to be more influenced by environmental factors, or more influenced by the subjective factor, that's all. Some people are fairly well balanced and are just as much influenced from within as from without, or just as little."

The best way to encounter a personality career test is to learn the theories working behind significant personality testing models. This means you shall learn what psychologists want to deduce from your answers. You should also determine why and what careers are associated with different personality types. However, it is advisable, to be honest, yourself while taking your personality testing session. Any temptation to claim wrong preferences may end you in a wrong career and many frustrating years. 

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