Personality Testing Practice and Assessment of Personality in Job Market

Can personality testing practice play any role in your life? Can it be effectively used to asses and eventually help children as well? Is there a way to judge which is the best method for personality testing?

If you are looking for answers to similar questions then read ahead.

Any test, standardized instrument or questionnaire which has been designed to aptly measure the personality, also known as the character or the psychological makeup, of an individual can be named as a personality test.

It all started with design of simple personality tests in 1920s. The tools were devised select the candidates who were considered fit for certain types of jobs with certain characteristics. There main customers were armies all over the world.

Before that the personality of an individual was assessed in a completely different and unique manner. They relied mostly on pseudoscientific techniques like phrenology, which is the measurement of the skull of that particular individual, and physiognomy, which is the assessment of personality judging from the outer appearance of the individual.  However, due to demands of armies for better tools led the psychologists to go for more empirical methods of testing which eventually those pseudoscientific methods.

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Types of Personality Tests

One of the earliest successful personality tests that came into being was the Woodworth Personal Data Sheet, which was a self-report inventory type of personality. This test had been developed to carry out a psychiatric screening of the new inductees into the army at the time of World War I.  There were a few more:

►   Self-Report Inventory

The Self-Report Inventory has been the most common type of personality tests. It is also termed as the objective personality test. There are many items included in this kind of tests, some of which are questions and others are statements or situations and the test taker is required to answer in the degree to which he agrees or disagrees to the ‘problem’.

A sample item on such a test could be, ‘I like to socialize with new people on parties.’ The test taker can be asked to answer with a number on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 for example; with one end connoting to strong agreement and the other to strong disagreement. A very commonly used self-report inventory test would be the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). This is probably the best personality test of this kind which is widely used to identify different psychological problems in the test takers. 

►   Observational Measures

These kinds of personality assessments can only be carried out by an expert psychologist who has to derive personality evaluations by assessing the behavior of the person. 

►   Peer Report Studies

An individual’s personality can be assessed in limitless ways as it tends to unfold many dimensions said to be relative to the situation and the surrounding. Another type of personality testing method is using the peer report studies in which the reports provided by the peers provide a valuable insight into the character of the individual being assessed. 

►   Projective Tests

Projective tests are also widely used as part of effective personality testing. These often contrast to the objective methods because the projective testing methods utilizes ambiguous stimuli, which can be images, words or scenes, to invoke response from the individual being assessed. These help in evaluating the hidden emotions and/or internal conflicts of the test taker. The most commonly known and best personality test from this category is the Rorschach Inkblot Test. Others include,

  • Holtzman Inkblot test
  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Draw-A-Person Test
  • Animal Metaphor Test
  • Sentence Completion Test
  • Picture Arrangement Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Graphology

The Significance of Personality Testing Practice Which is Often Taken for Granted

The term ‘personality’ comes in common usage and for this reason the significance of the test that evaluates the personality of a person is often taken for granted. It is commonplace to judge someone as an introvert, extrovert, emotional, rational or realistic based upon whims and perceptions. However, the true personality of a person cannot be assessed...

One way of assessing the personality is by taking or conducting personality test. As you have learned above, there are various types of personality tests that are now being used by psychologists to assess the personality, a complex entity, of an individual. There is no single prescribed method of doing that just as you cannot label the personality of an individual with a single word.

Being a subject to the personality testing is an entirely different game. There are two opinions in this regard. Some experts say that there is no need for personality testing practice. However, a majority feels that a practice helps the subjects to be well acquainted with the test structures and questions which you may face during the testing process. I like to go with the opinion of majority.

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