Types of Personality Career Tests with Specific Uses

You have to take a personality career test at one point or another in your life, to ensure that a given career is best for your personality. Also, you can take a personality test to determine what line of work suits you best, if you are unsure as to which career or job you would like to have. There are several personality tests available, and most of them are available on the Internet for free.

This article will show you the differences between the most popular tests, and what to consider when examining the test results.

Free Online Pre-Employment Personality Test

Career Style Test

The Career Style Test is a psychological test that will examine your likes and dislikes, to select a career that is best suited for you. Consisting of over 348 questions, this test helps you to identify what areas of work hold the most interest to you. The questions are all based on whether an idea or line of work interests you, and then you score than item from 1-5, with 1 being the least that it interests you, and 5 being the most that it suits or interests you. Although this test is obviously very long and tedious, it is worth it in the end.

At the end of the test, your scores are displayed as a percentage, telling you how you value items such as finance work, social work, and engineering work- to name a few. If you are lost, and do not know what career to pursue, consider taking the Career Style Test.

Time Management Test

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If you are interested in a position in management, then the Time Management Test is perfect for you. Consisting of 31 questions that ask you to rank certain ideas or concepts from 1-5, this test determines where your managerial strengths and weaknesses are. At the conclusion of the test, it ranks your efficiency (how well and timely you complete tasks), your diligence (how likely you are to not give up on a hard task), and your organization. This test is a must-take for all managerial staff, as it allows you to realize your personality and management flaws, so that you can be a better manager. For instance, if you didn't realize how disorganized you were before taking this test, you can now concentrate on that personality flaw in order to get further in your career.

Pre-Employment Test

In addition to these optional tests, some employers may require you to take a personality career test before employment. Examples of such employers include Best Buy (which uses a custom test to determine whether a prospective employee has an integrity, and customer service mindset), and Radio Shack (who uses a custom personality test to determine if you are an excellent salesperson). If you are faced with a personality career test at an employer, these tests are very easy to get around.

Advice to Encounter a Personality Career Test

The first step when faced with a mandatory personality test is to determine what the employer is looking for. Sometimes, the employer will state on their website that they are looking for customer service oriented individuals, for instance. Once you have determined what the employer is looking for, simply answer all of the questions on the personality career test as if you were 100% perfectly aligned with what they are seeking. For instance, in the customer service example, you would consider the customer's feelings and business to be the most important thing. When you answer these questions, always think of what the best customer service oriented person would do, and then mark your responses appropriately. As you can see, these types of personality tests require you to answer truthfully- and without honest responses you can make the personality test results into whatever you choose.

Aside from the employer example, a personality career test is a valuable tool to use to determine the career that you are most suited for. Everyone should take these types of tests at least once in their life, and perhaps more than once. After all, a recent study showed that Americans change careers an average of 5 times in their lives. If all of those people surveyed took a personality test before choosing their career, the number of career changes would surely be much less!

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