Cube personality test; 11 Questions to Discover Your Hidden Personality Within 90 Seconds!

The Cube personality test is a quick mental exercise that lasts approximately 90 seconds and can be used to tell a few things about your personality. You are supposed to image a situation of a white room. You need a working imagination and can complete the test successfully. You are required to respond to every question very quickly. There are no rights or wrongs. Every answer suggests an interpretation.

It is not a psychological test but fun. The results should also be taken as a bit of fun and not an alternative to a real personality test conducted by a professional psychologist. You can use the Cube personality test as a party trick, or to get to know your friends or spouse easier.

This article contains questions of a cube personality test and what the answers suggest:

Situations in a cube personality test

Picture an enormous white room. In this room, there is a cube.

1.) What color is the cube?

2.) What size is the cube?

3.) Where is it located in the room? Is it floating, or on the ground?

Now imagine flowers inside of this room.

4.) Where are the flowers located?

5.) How large are the flowers?

Next, imagine a ladder inside of the white room.

6.) Where is the ladder?

7.) What size is the ladder?

Next, imagine a horse in the white room.

8.) Where is the horse?

9.) Name three personality characteristics of the horse (mean, funny, sad, happy, etc).

Lastly, imagine a rainstorm inside the white room.

10.) Where is the rainstorm located?

11.) How large is the rainstorm?

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Interpretation of the Answers

cube personality test

Once you have asked these questions, be sure to make a mental note or write down the answers. You can use these answers to predict a few traits of the subject personality.

Cube in the room

The white room represents our lives. Inside of this white room, there is a cube. This cube is a representation of our ego, or how we see ourselves.

If your cube is small, it means you have a small ego, you are humble.

If your cube is large, it means you might be “full of yourself”.

A colored ego means you hide who you really are from people.

A white or clear cube means you do not put a show on for others.

If the cube is on the ground or fixed, it means that you are well grounded in your views.

If the cube is floating, it means that you are unpredictable and your life is unstable.


The flowers in the room represent your family and friends.

If there are a lot of flowers in the room, it means that you prefer to be surrounded by friends and family.

If the flowers are only a few, it means that you prefer only a few close friends.

If your flowers are near the cube, it means that you are close to your friends.

If your flowers are further away, you prefer to keep a distance between your friends.

The Ladder

The ladder inside the room represents your goals and ambition.

A small ladder means that you have a few or no goals in life. 

If your ladder is large, it means that your goals and expectations from yourself are set higher than average.

If your ladder is far away from your cube, it means you are not working on your goals.

If your ladder is on top of your cube, it means that your goals and ambitions are controlling you.

The Horse

The horse inside of the room is your spouse. The three characteristics of the horse apply to your spouse, or what you like to see in your spouse.

If your horse is close to the cube, it means you are close to your spouse.

When you see a beautiful horse it shows your beautiful experience with your spouse.

The Rainstorm

The rainstorm inside the room is life's problems.

If your thunderstorm is large, it means that your life is hectic.

If the thunderstorm is near another object (for instance, the horse), it means that that object is causing problems in your life.

If you see small thunderstorm that means you are currently not facing too many difficulties or at least ignoring them.

While fun, the Cube personality test a few important aspects of our lives. It also helps us to understand each other.It is not very accurate personality test (you will likely read objections from critics as to the accuracy of it) yet it gives you a funny picture to measure the subject personality.

The cube personality test has neither a scientific origin nor validated independently. Regardless, it is a great way to spend a few minutes with your friends, studying their responses. 

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