How Character Personality Tests can help you in selecting your career?

It is important that when undergoing any aptitude and career advisory test that a character personality test forms part of it. If you want to know why then you will discover as you read on. Here I want to explain to you all about the importance of character when choosing a career. Once you understand why you will gain a better understanding of the importance of aptitude and other similar career advisory tests. 

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Understanding about character and personality in the workplace

Character personality tests

If someone asked you to describe your personality and character, you might struggle if restricted to just a few words. However, given the option of a choice of over one hundred words to best describe you, choosing ten or so you might be a lot easier. That is the beauty of a character personality test. It allows you to learn a lot about yourself, and also someone helping you choose a suitable career.

It may seem odd when for most of your education you have been trained, almost brainwashed that if you want to follow a certain career, you have to study hard and get good grades. There is no question that it is vital to do well from an educational standpoint. However concentrating wholly on education can be a little short-sighted. Just because you get top marks in biology and chemistry exams won’t automatically mean you will make a good physician.

Perhaps swop the situation around. What would you answer if I asked you what sort of person do you need to be to make a good physician? How many of you might think that the results of a character personality test might tell you if a candidate was well-suited to such a profession? I suspect your first thought is that the person needs to be very clever.

Yes, that is so very true.

Physicians tend to be extremely clever. However, as I have said, just being clever doesn’t guarantee you will make a good physician. So what else is important. To work that out you need to think about what is involved with being a physician. What sort of personality do you think would be best suited to a doctor?

From my own experience, I like doctors who can talk to you on a one-to-one basis and who don’t try to baffle you with big words. I also like a physician who understands that if they have some bad news to tell you, they need to be sympathetic to you afterward. They also need to have a positive disposition.

To be a good physician you need to have a very positive outlook when helping any of your patients. After all, who wants to be told you are ill by someone who looks stern and sombre? Who wants to be told you may need to have an operation by someone who treats it as if it is no big deal? To the doctor it may be nothing, but to you, the prospective patient, it feels like the end of the world.

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Character Personality Tests can provide clues to your future

Work doesn’t have to be manual labor. It doesn’t need to be instantly productive. Work doesn’t need to make a profit and work can come in many forms as far as your role is concerned. If you took a character personality test and it came back that you were not responsive to orders or disliked being bossed around, do you think you would be better working as an employee or self-employed? I would suspect you might be better off working for yourself. Similarly, you might be someone who lacks motivation, so you would be better off working for an employee who gave you the motivation you needed.

You might have a tremendously inquisitive nature that would show up in a character personality test. This may point you in the direction of becoming a detective in the police force, or a scientific researcher. Perhaps you prefer books to music and television. Maybe you are also quiet, preferring silence to noise. Maybe you don’t like taking orders from people. If that was confirmed by a character personality test then maybe you might think of taking up writing on a freelance basis. Perhaps you could even try writing a novel!

With the examples shown hopefully you will begin to see the importance of personality as a piece in the overall jigsaw of choosing a career. If you think carefully about it, there is a logical process going on. Sporty and very active people are less likely to be happily stuck behind a desk. Put them out in the fresh air managing the construction of a bridge might suit them much better,

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