A pig personality test is a drawing test

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You draw a pig on paper, and Pig Personality Test shall try to measure different sides of your personality. Understandably, the test shall have idiosyncratic results. No validity is attached to this instrument, but people are trying to discover their hidden characters. You may disagree with ridiculous claims of the test interpreters, but you can’t avoid fun with a pig personality test on a dull day.

There is growing industry of personality tests which range from clinical and annoying, to fun and inaccurate. Measurement through a drawing of objects falls in the latter category. A drawing personality test consists of very few questions, and it helps you to get in touch with your creative side. A pig personality test is a drawing test to help you understand your personality.

Draw a Pig Personality Test

pig personality test

The Pig personality test starts off by first telling you to simply draw a pig on a piece of paper. Once you are done, it asks these 6 questions:

1.) Where is the pig located on your paper?

a.) If the pig is at the top of the paper, you are an optimist.

b.) If the pig is at the bottom, you are a pessimist.

c.) In the middle means that you are a realist.

2.) Which direction is the pig facing?

a.) If your pig is facing right, you are innovative.

b.) If your pig faces left, you are traditional.

c.) If your pig faces the front, you enjoy arguing with others, and creating drama.

3.) Does your pig have many details, or few?

a.) If your pig has few details, it means that you might be emotional and naive, and a bit of a risk taker.

b.) If your pig has many details, it means that you are more likely cautious, and do not trust others easily.

4.) How many legs does your pig have?

a.) If your pig has 4 legs showing, it means that you are secure and stubborn.

b.) If your pig has less than 4 legs, it means that you are insecure, or are going through a major change in life.

5.) Does your pig have large ears, or small ones?

a.) If your pig has large ears, it means that you are a good listener.

b.) If your pig has small ears, it means that you are not a good listener.

6.) How long is the pig's tail?

a.) If your pig has a large tail, it means that you have a good sex life.

b.) If your pig has a small tail, it means that you might not have a good sex life.

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Another Drawing Personality Test

It is another drawing personality test. You may be asked to draw a mountain scene that includes at least a mountain, a road or path, and some trees. No other information is given to you, and your drawing is interpreted as follows:

1-    The mountain itself

a)    If your mountain keeps climbing higher and higher, without an end in sight, you tend to be self-driven, and self-motivated.

b)    If it goes up, stops at a level peak (such as a butte), your friends rely on you greatly.

c) If your mountain goes straight up, then peaks, and straight down (like a triangle), then you are a multi-tasking person, who is not disappointed easily with failure.

2-    The road or path

a)    If your road goes straight through the mountain, you are a direct, and to the point person.

b)    If your road turns around the mountain repeatedly, then you are a cautious person.

c) If your road travels straight across one side of the mountain, then you are a peaceful person who sees with world with calm and serene eyes.

3-    The trees:

a)    If your trees are in great detail, with lots of leaves and branches, then you are creative.

b)    If your trees contain fruit, you are a daydreamer, who seeks out adventure.

c) If your trees are simple twigs with leaves on them, then you are a person who enjoys following the rules of life, and you are precise in your actions.

4- The sky

a) If it is sunny in your picture, then you are a sunny person.

b) If it is nighttime, you are full of ambition and optimism.

c) If it is raining, you are a person who is prone to lethargy, and possibly depression.

As you can see, the pig personality test and mountain scene personality test are funny. On the other hand, they neither bear testimonials from the recognized psychologists nor bear truth by any means. A drawing personality test is not an accurate measurement of your personality, and it should be taken at face value for what it is good for- a laugh with friends. Don't be discouraged if your results on a drawing personality test are not accurate. It is mainly meant to be a relaxing and fun game to play.

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