Three Quick and Easy Ways to Find Accurate IQ Test for Mensa Online

Mensa International is the oldest, largest, and best-known organization for people with high IQ scores, or intelligence scores. Mensa International, also known as Mensa, allows open membership to anyone who scores above the 98th percentile on a standardized test. Most commonly, the standardized test that is used is the IQ test.

Considered an elite club for the hyper-intelligent people, Mensa opens only to the most intelligent candidates for the test. Consisting of over 110,000 members in at least 50 different countries, Mensa is also the ultimate source of quality “networking” leads. Networking involves not just computers, but also people- networking is the connection that is made between yourself, and others in this world- or even your community.

If you “network” yourself, you make yourself more well known to others, which could help you the next time that you apply for a job. 

Three Methods

An IQ test for Mensa online can be easily found, but how do you know if an IQ test for Mensa online is as accurate as possible? There are several factors to look for, many of which can be quickly decided when you first look at a sample online test. With the help of this guide, it should take you no less than 30 seconds to determine if an IQ test for Mensa online is worth your time spent taking the sample test.

First, look at the test question layout- how many questions are on your sample test? If your test has less than 25 items, why bother taking the test? Less than 25 queries is not an ample measurement of your intelligence, and more than 100 questions are just too long to take a test. Preferably, your examination should contain anywhere from 30-50 items, preferably all on the same page (you don't want to waste time waiting for questions to load on separate pages).

Secondly, look at an IQ test for Mensa online, correctly, it's question format. An IQ test contains questions that involve spatial reasoning, mathematics, and language manipulation. If your sample test doesn't have all three of these critical fields, ignore the questionnaire. What good is a test, if it only asks you questions on a particular area? Why that's just measuring a segment of your overall intelligence!

Third, look for a time restraint on any IQ test for Mensa online. Any good IQ test will restrict the amount of time that you are allowed on the IQ test. Sometimes, the website will trust you to record your own time, which is fine. On average, you should be allotted approximately 1 minute per question on the test. Any less time, and you might be rushed into mismarking an item. Any more time and you are given an unfair advantage. With more time on the test than the standard IQ test, you could even become relaxed, and used to the more extended format (but in for a surprise when you take the real test).

Now that you know these are three quick and easy ways to check any IQ test for Mensa online. You can quickly evaluate whether or not the test online will be a waste of your time and effort, and you can also be reasonably assured of its accuracy. In fact, one of the most accurate IQ tests for Mensa that is available is right on Mensa International's website. Along with other information on the Mensa organization, you can take a sample 30-minute test. How is that for convenience? Plus, if you score well on the test, you can be advised to sign up for a formal Mensa test application, and begin your Mensa membership from there. 

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