Visual Pattern Fluid Intelligence Test; The First Culture Fair IQ Test

You can't name a single test which can measure the intelligence of all people equitably. The most significant barrier is the language itself. It becomes even more critical when you are testing your IQ online. Foreigners can't find the same level of scores on IQ tests prepared in American English. 

Can you term them low in IQ?

More critically, can you associate intelligence with education?

Such problem led psychologist Raymond Cattell to introduce an idea of visual pattern fluid intelligence test. Every word in this phrase was given due weight when he published his work in the Journal of Psychology recently. His analysis helps the psychologists to measure such entities of a brain which other intelligence tests were not capable. This led him to develop first "culture fair intelligence test."

Various studies have proved that the candidates who score higher in fluid IQ test tend to perform better in analogical reasoning activities. In simple words, they can compare things geometrically much comfortably. 

Studies in neuroimaging reports also speak of involvement of frontal and parietal regions of the brain in geometrical reasoning. It is also considered an associated prototypical activity of the fluid IQ. However, we must not forget that geometrical rationale is just a part of the concept of the fluid intelligence. 

Fluid IQ, also known as Gf is rendered to be a discrete factor of general intelligence. It can be explained as the inherent and innate learning ability of the individuals. This acumen is not dependent on your education, experience or learning capacity. 

Visual pattern integrated within the intelligence test includes different visual patterns that assess your reasoning capacity based on your mind's information processing ability. Through your native mental ability, this test examines one's capacity to first think and then reason out along with governing attention, memory capacity as well as information analysis.

Visual pattern fluid intelligence test 

Fluid brilliance tends to form its roots in childhood or adolescence but, its main period of rising is in the late 20s after which it starts to drop.  This drop in the intelligence is mainly attributed to age-related factors and the degeneration of the right cerebellum of the human mind. 

In order to score high in visual pattern  test, you need to undertake a great deal of practice. Moreover, your brain should also be free from any trauma or depressive mental state as it will deteriorate your fluid IQ.

Gf can be explained as that ability which allows an individual to detect patterns and relate them to each other and other factors as well as solving problems in novel situations. Alongside this, fluid IQ is also useful in predicting different forms of achievement such as academic achievement. There is evidence that fluid intelligence is heritable and there are researches which indicate that 50%-75% of the variance of these intelligence test results is linked with genetic variation. 

Visual pattern test is essential for solving all types of novel issues along with coping with different and unfamiliar situations which require an individual to obtain new knowledge, information and insights. Raven's advanced progressive matrices (RAPM) are a common way of measuring the fluid brilliance of an individual. In a visual pattern test, the test takers are visuospatial patterns that need to be solved out by determining missing parts with the help of different alternatives. Through this test, you can bring in flexibility in your thinking, reasoning, and pattern relating abilities.

The key characteristics of visual pattern fluid intelligence test are your ability to analyze, evaluate, assess, perceive and relate one visual or pattern with another. Moreover, your capacity to manipulate this relationship between visual patterns helps in obtaining higher marks in the test. This means that if you have a high level of fluid intelligence, you have a higher level of flexibility concerning the order and the relation of the pattern or structure. 

This test is directly related to the cognitive abilities of an individual and the level of spatial and analogical reasoning that an individual possesses within his mind. Because this ability is also associated with inherent qualities of a human mind, indulging in a lot of practice can help you in obtaining higher scores along with improving your fluid intelligence at the same time. There are several visual patterns in the test formats which can help you practice and test your current status of fluid intelligence which can be helpful for understanding your mind and thoughts more clearly. 

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