How To Analyze Your IQ Test Answers? A Post- Test Helping Article

A common perception is that people having IQ levels or those who have more IQ test answers correct tend to have the capability of processing, manipulating and analyzing information faster than others and more deeply.  The underlying purpose of determining your IQ level is to diagnose and treat issues or diseases that hinder your ability to learn as well as identify elements within the educational environment or in the workplace. Here it should be noted that you must avoid depending wholly upon the IQ test answers as these tests cannot assess all aspects of your mentality or behavior.

What is measured by IQ test answers?

IQ Test Answers

There are various types of intelligence tests which vary in their content considerably. Alfred Binet, a French psychologist, initiated the development of an intelligence test and one form of the original test developed is still in practice today with the title of Stanford –Binet Intelligence Test. 

Intelligence test answers are used to determine your test scores which are further used in analyzing mathematical abilities, spatial perception, language skills and memory. In addition to this, the capacity to solve problems, see relationships as well as remembering information are important elements of human intelligence and are also those aspects on which IQ tests are focusing.

Interpreting your IQ scores

The more answers you get correct in your IQ test, the more you will score. However, the fact is that most people do not know how to interpret these scores. Below mentioned are some ways referred by psychometricians to assess and analyze IQ answers.

Standardized IQ tests

For adequately assessing the test answers, experts in the field make use of a process termed as standardization. This process involves administering the answers to a representative sample of the total population who are eventually taking the IQ test. The development of this initial sample needs to be as accurate as possible and reflects several aspects that are generic to that specific population. A representative sample, for example, comprises of the similar percentage of people of certain ages and gender as can be found in the entire population.

Every person taking the test will complete it under similar situations as is the case with all other participants in the sample. Through the standardization process, psychometricians can establish standards and norms through which the IQ test answers are compared. 

Most of the IQ tests are distributed normally

Most of the intelligence tests typically follow the bell-shaped curve for interpreting results which are also known as normal distribution. In this process, the majority of the scores lie within the average range. 

Analyzing IQ test answers through scores in a normal distribution situation states that achieving a score in the range of 90-110 is considered to be normal or average. Most of the people who undertake IQ tests score between 90 and 110. However, those who score more than 110 are considered to have an extraordinary IQ level.

There have been conducted several studies which suggest that 95% of the total population taking the IQ test has an IQ between 70 and 130.any person scoring below or above this range is considered to be below average or extraordinary respectively.

A closer look at IQ test scores

Below mentioned is a general breakdown of IQ test scores. Some tests present scores differently and have differing interpretations. As mentioned previously, it should always be remembered that IQ tests are a way to measure your intelligence level. However, there are other important elements as well that contributes towards your intelligence level. These elements include emotional and social factors.

1 – 70 + below average or mental disability

71 – 84 = Borderline mental state

85 – 114 = average level of intelligence

115 – 129 = bright or above average

130 – 144 = moderate intelligence level

145 – 159 = highly intelligence level

160 – 179 = exceptional  intelligence level

180 and above = Profound intelligence level

What is Your IQ Score?

The above discussion proves complex nature of any given IQ score which only professionally sound practitioners can interpret correctly.  You should take every IQ score cautiously while taking an online test. You may score below average in a free IQ test while around 160 in a professionally designed test and vice versa. 

Keeping the complexity in mind, the practice IQ tests offered on this website don't provide a number on completion of your test. Instead, you get your results in a percentage of the correct items. In the meanwhile, you understand not only patterns of the IQ tests but also discover your persuasive skills. You also find a chance to understand your weaknesses.

Practice with Free IQ Tests

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