How to Play River IQ Game? It is a Kind of IQ Test!

The River IQ Game is a puzzle that is designed to test your mental resolve and problem-solving abilities. Initially given to job applicants in China, the River IQ Test was meant to screen intelligent job applicants from those with average or below average intelligence. You might consider the puzzle to be fun, and it is hard to imagine someone in China risking their promotion or job on this test. The River IQ Test has three basic rules, and there are only two ways to solve it.

In this test, there are three groups of people on one side of a river. In one group, there are two daughters with their mother. In another group, there are two boys with their father. In the last team, there is a prisoner with a policeman. As a rule, the only people that can operate the raft are the father, the mother, and the policeman. The father cannot be with the daughters without the mother present, and the mother cannot be left with the sons without the father present. Besides, the prisoner cannot be left with any family member, without the policeman present. The raft will only transport two people at a time, and one person that can operate the boat (the policeman, the father, and the mother) is required to take the raft across the river from one side to another.

river iq test

As you can imagine, this is a complex problem that first requires you to analyze the problem before starting on solving it. Although the solution is simple, the Chinese would time a job applicant at how long it took them to complete the puzzle. Typically, most highly intelligent people can solve the problem in five minutes or less.

If you want to try and solve the River IQ Game without first reading the solution, stop reading now. Otherwise, continue to read this article to find out how to solve the River IQ Game. The solution requires the use of the policeman and the prisoner since these are the only two that can travel across the river first, without breaking any other rules. Without further delay, here is the solution to the River IQ Game:

1.)    The policeman takes the prisoner across the river to the other side, leaving the prisoner behind.

2.)    The policeman then takes a son across the river, returning with the prisoner.

3.)    The father takes the last son across the river, returning by himself. At this point, both sons are across the river. The mother, the two daughters, the father, the policeman, and the prisoner are all on the first side of the river.

4.)    The father and the mother cross the river, with the mother returning.

5.)    The policeman and the prisoner cross the river, with the father now returning. At this point, the father, the mother, and the two daughters are on the first side of the river. The policeman, the prisoner, and the two sons are on the second side.

6.)    The father and the mother cross the river together, with the mother returning back. At this point, the mother and the two daughters are on the first side of the river.

7.)    The mother takes one daughter across the river, and the policeman and the prisoner return back.

8.)    The policeman takes the final daughter across, returning back to the first side.

9.)    Finally, the policeman takes the prisoner across. Now, everyone is on the second side of the river.

As you can see, the River IQ Game is not easy to solve, especially if you are timed. However, if you realize that the policeman and the prisoner are the keys to solving this puzzle, the solution will reveal itself given enough time.

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