What is the Highest IQ Level and how Can it Be Achieved?

Highest IQ score which an individual can achieve is 140 or more.

You know the intelligence quotient or IQ is the measure of intelligence of an individual and is depicted regarding numerical scores. The statistical mean, norm or the average intelligence of most individuals is somewhere close to 100; which means that the highest number of individuals in any given group have an average level of intelligence while some may be more intelligent and others less than average intelligent.

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Ordinary folks rarely achieve the highest IQ level; although it is not unreachable, it indeed is close to impossible to get there. Those having this level of intelligence are considered to be unusually gifted, or genius individuals and are therefore categorized separately. In fact, there is a society which groups such rare individuals from around the world together; the name of this community is Mensa. Anyone who has scored 140 or above on the standardized IQ tests have the highest IQ and deserves to be in this society.

Is Highest IQ Level achievable or it innate?

The IQ of the human brain or the intelligence level has sparked a lot of interest and debate over the past years. Whether it can be tested and or not, the standardized IQ tests retain the capability of extracting valid, unbiased and appropriate results regarding intelligence remains the dilemma.

Another thing that baffles the psychologists is whether the intelligence of an individual is an acquired characteristic or an innate trait.  The idea that has led them to believe as such is the fact that not every individual gets the same chances or opportunities to acquire knowledge or skill sets that others might have gotten. If you add cultural and socio-political differences to that, you will come to believe that not all people can be tested for intelligence equally or judged for the same IQ level.

With researchers and examinations, they have come to believe that intelligence wasn’t an innate trait; it is something that can be acquired or developed. And if that is true then it also mentions that it is possible for individuals to increase their IQ level and even aim at highest intelligence level.

IQ and Genetics

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While all of the above mentioned is plausible and convincible, it is impossible to exclude the effects of the genetic factor upon the human intelligence. And hence, the only conclusion that could be drawn is that intelligence is the combination of both acquired ability and hereditary trait. It implies that while everyone can aim for the highest intelligence level, not everybody will be able to achieve it. It is those with the exceptional genetic makeup with the most top form of dedication, learning, and circumstantial opportunities, who will be able to go for the highest IQ and achieve it.

The Highest Intelligence Ever Recorded Up Till Now

While individuals remain busy trying to reach their highest IQ ever which might only be a gradient smarter than they were the last time they checked, some exceptional individuals on the face of this earth truly deserve to be called genius or prodigies. Here is a list of 10 individuals, some of whom are not alive anymore, whose IQ was, and is, way beyond the top score on the IQ chart.

1.    William James Sidis – 250 to 300

He was the only one to have entered Harvard University at the tender age of 11 to study mathematics. He also mastered more than 40 languages.

2.    Terence Tao – 225 to 230

This genius was only a little boy of 2 years old when he first taught mathematics to a child who was 5. By 20 he had his doctorate, and within four years of that, he was teaching at UCLA.

3.    Christopher Hirata – 225

A child prodigy, who is also the youngest American to have won a gold medal at International Physics Olympiad, had obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton University by the age of 22.

4.    Kim Ung- Yong – 210

At the age of 6, this individual could read English, Japanese, Korean and German.

5.    Christopher Michael Langan – 195

Given the title of ‘smartest man in America’ had perfect SAT in school and dropped out of the University of Montana because he thought he could teach better than the professors.

6.    Garry Kasparov –194

He is the most significant male chess player; the only one to get the title of #1 for 225 months out of 228.

7.    Marilyn Vos Savant – 190

She was already in the ‘highest IQ’ category in the Guinness Book of World Records in her early thirties.

8.    Philip Emeagwali – 190

This Nigerian engineer, geologist, and mathematician earned three Master’s degree in Marine and Environmental Engineering and Mathematics.

9.    Leonardo da Vinci – 180 to 190

Although he never got tested there is much reason to believe that his intelligence was somewhere between 180 and 190.

10. Judit Polgar – 170

She is the only female chess player to become the grandmaster of this game at the age of 15.

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