What is a High IQ?

Intelligence is defined as the mental capacity to reason, think abstractly, learn, solve problems, and also understand both new and past materials. While intelligence is mostly relevant in the academic discipline, it is expressed in virtually every aspect of a person’s life and finds great usefulness in life. A lot of psychologists, mathematicians, and statisticians have made attempts over the years to set up a standard for testing intelligence, and this is mentioned as an IQ test. High IQ implies that you have either superior intelligence, very superior intelligence or a genius. 

IQ Tests

The work of Binet, Lewis Terman and a lot of other people brought IT score to the limelight. IQ score depends on various factors and is also influenced by many factors. Experts outlined that IQ scores are associated with factors like morbidity and mortality, biological parental IQ and so forth. The hereditability of IQ has been argued over the years, but it is clear that there is a relationship between heredity and IQ score.

People with high IQ scores are obviously known for their educational achievements, and also such an IQ score is used in predicting good income, job performance, and special needs. IQ scores are evaluated based on means and standard deviation, and the raw score of the normal sampling is the IQ score of 100, and the usual deviation is IQ of about 15.

High, Moderate and Low IQ Scores

IQ scores taken over the years have shown the performance of the population in percentage. (It is different from what percentage you see on this website after taking a free test.) Here we are talking about your results shown in figurative formation. 

For instance, 95% of the population has an IQ score between 70 and 130; such an IQ score is just between two standard deviations of the mean. The IQ score of 70 corresponds to the borderline while an IQ score of 130 corresponds to superior intelligence. However, IQ scores higher than 130 or IQ scores from 140 and beyond is considered high IQ and this class are occupied by only a small fragment or percentage of the population.

According to the Lewis Terman's old classification, the IQ scores may correspond to a different level of intelligence.

IQ Score of 140 and above

It is a very high IQ score and therefore corresponds to individuals who are near genius, genius and super genius. If you have an IQ score of 140, you are considered a genius. However, people with IQ scores ranging from 160 to 190 and above are considered a super genius. This IQ score is very rare, and people with the IQ score occupy a small percentage of the population.

IQ Score of between 120 and 140

This IQ score is also considered a high IQ score and therefore corresponds to people who have very superior intelligence but are not geniuses. This IQ is also characterized by exceptional performance both in the academic field and in other aspects of life. If you fall into this IQ score, the chance is that you will show great ability in everything you do, but that does not imply that you are a genius.

IQ score of between 110 and 119

This IQ score corresponds to people who have superior intelligence, but they are not as intelligent as the group above. They also show great performance in different fields such as academics, politics and other aspects of life. This IQ score, though not very common, can be easily found in the society.

IQ Score of 90 and 109

An IQ score of between 90 and 109 is not high but normal. It is known as normal or average intelligence. A greater number of people in the society have normal or average IQ. It is the median raw IQ, but the people here cannot be said to be dull.

IQ score of between 80 and 89, 70 and 79 and under 70

Unlike the IQ scores mentioned above, the IQ scores of between 89 and above are considered low. People with IQ scores of between 80 and 89 need special assistance in their studies, while those between 70 and 79 have a borderline deficiency. IQ score of below 70 is not considered good at all. 

IQ score and the workplace

what is high IQ score

Your IQ score may not play some obvious role in your workplace. However, your emotional IQ counts a lot. High IQ score may not only distinguish you from others but also helps you to find answers to the complex questions very quickly. In fact, companies like to have individuals with the better alertness of mind and analytical capabilities. A person having high IQ scores shows better chances of success.

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