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by Jonathan

Hey I did three different IQ tests and added all together and then divided by 3 and I got an average IQ of 111. Is that considered above average?? Please Respond...

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Yes, is the simple answer.
by: Sarah

I'm pretty sure that an IQ of 100 is considered average, though studies have shown that humans are becoming more and more intelligent.
Don't worry, though, this is only increasing by a small amount each generation, so calm down and take pride in the fact that you are more intelligent than quite a few people.

your score is very high
by: Anonymous

Read Tiffany from VA. Now i took my second test on the computer, so i am not completely sure about the accuracy of it. My first score was 100 so you scored better than me. If I am correct your score may be above average. Check the scale. You can test again. You may have tested under unfavorable conditions ie you were nervous about the big IQ test, tired etc. Above all your score says you are intelligent! BE PROUD!

An Average IQ Test Score.
by: Saqib-Admin

First of all every IQ test is different from the other. Two IQ tests may have the same style, same type of questionnaires and same methods of interpretation. They are still different for a number of reasons:

1- What is expertise of the test builder?

2- What theory runs behind a particular IQ test?

3- What normalization process is adopted?

4- What normalization elements are adopted?

5- What kinds of validity tests have been conducted?

6- How scores are interpreted?

7- What is the average score in a particular IQ test?

The list may be exhaustive. But one thing is sure that you can’t even compare two IQ test scores. It is really a novel idea to compare IQ test scores of three tests and than getting mean of the total.

I don’t know whether you are an average or not…

But I am sure for one thing. You are creative enough to define things in different way. Keep up with your genuine style of thinking but you must not ignore what other people are saying.

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