Spatial Intelligence Test Measures You for Engineering and Mechanical Jobs

Spatial intelligence test measures your ability to manipulate objects using your mind's eye, to solve a problem or provide a solution to an unforeseen problem.

People who have a high spatial intelligence tend to be excellent at engineering and mechanical work since their mind tends to solve problems involving spatial concepts quickly. Often, you might wonder precisely what spatial abilities you might have. The easiest way to determine this is to take a spatial IQ test, and many are available on the Internet for free.

There are many different tests available on the Internet, but most of them follow the same basic principals and rules.

Standard Pattern of a Spatial Intelligence Test

A spatial intelligence test will first start out by asking easy questions, and then later on progress into more difficult questions. Examples of questions may be such as, “In the figure below, what direction is the blue gear turning?”, and would be followed with a diagram of two gears. These questions will test your spatial IQ abilities, and rather quickly. Most spatial intelligence tests take less than 30 minutes to complete, and are quite accurate. During the test, take your time on each question. Although you may be timed, you are not usually penalized for an incorrect answer (only your correct answers are totaled up). Keeping a calm disposition during the test will also help you with your answer accuracy. Don't waste time “smelling the roses”, but don't rush yourself during the test, either.

spatial intelligence test

At the conclusion of your spatial IQ test, your test results are given, usually with a raw score or percentage score. You will be  compared with the average score for that test, typically as well.  From these results, you can decide whether your spatial IQ is satisfactory. Some tests will even give a brief description of what careers would be best suited, given your spatial IQ score. These types of tests are excellent for most people who can't decide on a career, and some high schools and colleges use spatial tests to decide which career you are best suited in.

Types of Spatial Intelligence Tests

Spatial IQ tests can also vary depending on what type of test you take. For instance, there are separate tests for automobile mechanics, airplane mechanics, and computer engineers. Although spatial reasoning is a skill or ability that you would have naturally, these specialized tests are designed to test how your thinking pattern works in a specific career field. Spatial reasoning is a unique skill that most of the people in this world do not have, and if you score highly on these tests, you should market that as an important job related skill.

If you are thinking of taking a formal spatial IQ test (such as an employer proctored test), you can still prepare for the test (but studying probably won't help you here). Since a spatial IQ test measures your natural ability to use spatial reasoning, there is very little that you can study for. However, a good night's sleep beforehand, and a good breakfast certainly never hurts. In addition, it certainly never hurts to review the basic concepts of the spatial IQ test that will be given (such as studying basic mechanical concepts), and specialized tests allow a greater ability for you to prepare beforehand.

Regardless of which spatial IQ test you take, be sure to have fun with taking these tests as well. Practice on the Internet, using any of the freely available tests, or you can even pay a small fee to take tests which are more accurate. Who knows, you just might surprise yourself with the results and interpretation of the test. Fire up your favorite web browser, head on over to your favorite search engine, and start taking these fun and informative tests today!

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