Multiple Intelligence Tests

The multiple intelligence tests are result of weaknesses in the standardized intelligence tests while measuring your multiple intelligence activities. Some IQ tests focus upon your verbal abilities and others on your mathematics. Yet some are bent to measure your spatial intelligence. Even a combination of them does not measure your all out multiple intelligence activities like linguistics, logical/ mathematical, musical, spatial, kinesthetic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal capabilities at a go.

This weakness of normal intelligence theories was realized by Sternberg, expounded by Daniel Goleman, Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner but wrapped up by Howard Gardner in the shape of theory of intelligence. The multiple intelligence quizzes are not only gaining the support of the businessmen but also the public at large for their close to heart approach.

What Multiple Intelligence Test Measures?

The psychologists claim to measure your intelligence and the particular feature of intellectual abilities with different kinds of psychological tests. Your cultural and social behaviors, your beliefs, your capabilities and mental alertness are all subjected for such measurements.

But, most of the psychologists have concluded that you are not comprised of one kind of intelligence. You are combination of multiple intelligence activities so you can’t be measured with a single direction psychometric tool.

Multiple Intelligence Philosophy

You may have different mental inclinations. One kind of test will be good for you but the other will not describe you properly. Individuality of human beings has forced the psychologists to create different sets of intelligence tests. The multiple intelligence quizzes have been trying to measure different aspects of your intelligence. They are considered a great help to understand all shades of your intelligence.

Benefits of Tests for Multiple Intelligence

The long history of psychological tests can be divided into two areas; tests before and after multiple intelligence quizzes. Many weaknesses of the normal intelligence tests have proved benefits of the multiple intelligence tests.

• They have been helping the employers to find workers which were fit for a particular kind of activity in the organization.

• The multiple intelligence tests can help you to discover your dominant intelligence.

• They help the employers to discover many aspects of your personality with comparative statements.

• The multiple intelligence activities involve different training techniques. The multiple intelligence quizzes help the employers to select the right candidates for the right training programs.

Criticism on Tests for Multiple Intelligence

Some critics have pointed out weaknesses of the multiple intelligence tests.

• They claim that the multiple intelligence quizzes /tests are useless when you have to discriminate between very talented and dull people. The tests can’t measure the genius people.

• They also claim that it would be wrong to presume that one person is intelligence in one activity and dull in another.

• They also raise objection that if multiple intelligence theory is at all believed in then different societies help developing different kind of activities. India is home of music. Calligraphy is part of Muslim culture. Rhetoric and memory is traditional part of Arabic society. Interpersonal relations are more valuable in some cultures. Under the circumstances the multiple intelligence quizzes don’t include the intelligence that is free from cultural biases.

• The supplementary human abilities, insight and attainments are personal and multifarious. They include many related features. The tests for multiple intelligence are not able to measure these traits accurately.

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