Is It Ethical Or Logical To Build A Female Intelligence Test Separately?

There is a long history of debate as to whether females have a higher level of intelligence than their counterparts. You might probably not get surprised that various studies from the difference in groups of intelligence can raise the question as to whether developing female intelligence test is logical or ethical in any way. By using advanced statistical techniques, researchers have extracted useful information from tests that have not been designed to measure intelligence level of females individually. 

IQ is one of the most commonly used measures of intelligence and can be determined by the deviation of your average IQ score in a particular group. This product is rendered to involve both hereditary and environmental factors and also serves to be a reliable and satisfactory predictor of educational achievement in future, performance at work as well as income. However, the reason for gender-related differences in intelligence level has been widely debated. 

Where Women Surpass Men for Their Intelligence Levels

There are many reasons why women have surpassed men in intelligence levels. One related theory is that females are always able to score higher, but because of gender discrimination in nearly every sector of the society, they never get to realize their potential. Upbringing, education as well as social roles of females have led to a proposal of developing a female intelligence test.

When Men Have Shown Higher Intelligence 

On the other side, there are researches which indicate that men have a higher level of intelligence as compared to women. The Mensa International Society of High IQ comprises memberships where men have outranked women in roughly to the same representation of the two genders. This type of imbalance in the debate goes a very long way for explaining the split between the sexes in intelligence levels.

Some Researches Prove Them Equal

There are other studies which prove that intelligence tests are unable to determine which gender has a higher intelligence level. Instead, it is the type of brain which disposes of intelligent behavior. There exist gray and white matters in the human brain. Gray matter is related to information processing centers in the human brain whereas; white matter represents the connection or networking between these processing centers. 

According to a study conducted by Richard Haier, professor of psychology in the Department of Pediatrics and a longtime human intelligence researcher, men have 6.5 times gray matter associated with intelligence as compared to women whereas; women have ten times the amount of white matter related to intelligence than men.

Why Do I Support Designing a Female Intelligence Test?

Developing a female intelligence test is a question which requires in-depth research and understanding of human brain functioning. Women face gender discrimination in nearly every aspect of life which is the main reason why they lag behind men in several areas. Formulating a gender bias intelligence test will be helpful to understand their personality traits, knowledge, skills and behavior under pressure situations where they are facing gender discrimination. Women will be able to freely express their thoughts and feelings about particular cases and conditions through such tests. However, a drawback to developing female intelligence assessments is that when circumstances change, their response to a specific situation will also change thereby bringing in considerable differences in test results.

Whether to develop a female intelligence will be logical or not is yet to be decided; however, according to different studies, the brain functioning of both the genders allows them to rank higher or lower in intelligence tests. The results of these tests should not be made the only foundation for assessing one capacity and capability. Instead, their interests, values, and ideas should also be considered as equally important for being successful in both personal and professional life.

There are studies which indicate that women are smarter than men; however, there are studies that also make men superior in intelligence. The need for female intelligence tests is present; however, the limitations of such tests need to be assessed carefully so that accurate and reliable results can be obtained.

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