How to improve Your Brain Health with Proper Training?

Hereditary and genes play a significant role in the functioning of your brain. However, extensive research has shown that with proper training and dedication, you can improve your brain health and increase IQ level up to one standard deviation at least on the IQ graph. Many things come into play if you are serious about growing your IQ level.

Group studies have proven that the average IQ level of a 32-year old male is 100, which is the mean IQ score on the IQ chart. The rest of the scores are equally distributed on both sides of this mean so that the number of people starts to decrease with the decrease and increase of the IQ score creating an equal standard deviation on both sides of the mean. Many leading psychologists have put forward some simple steps that should be incorporated into the daily life to ensure that your IQ level is raised.

If you want to increase IQ level because you want to score high on a test, give a brilliant interview or simply because you want to be smart, then by following a few steps, you should be able to see a difference within a few weeks’ time. All of these tips mentioned below have been provided by some of the top psychologists who have faith in these steps to improve brain health.

Step 1.   Look After Your Diet

Your diet, improves not only the functionality of your muscles, bones and other vital organs but also your brain health and subsequently make a powerful effect on the mental agility and the comprehension. Consumption of supplements to increase IQ level has become increasingly common and not without reason. It is debatable when they are more efficient.

Instead of taking drugs, it is not only safer but much more useful to consider natural supplements that boost your brain health. Food products that contain, caffeine, omega-3, fatty acids, Ginkgo Biloba and Keratins have proven to be quite helpful in increasing memory and cognitive abilities of the brain. However, if you want to see noticeable results, then you can just go for the supplements of these ingredients. No such change in your diet should be made without the advice of your physician.

Step 2.   Give Your Brain the Rest it Deserves

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Have you stopped to think that everything is done by you and your body, whether your brain controls voluntary and involuntary? Add to that; it's thinking, memorizing, calculating and solving abilities; if you want to smarten it further, you must improve brain health by giving it due rest that it deserves. Your brain gets tired after a whole day’s work; so when it wants to rest, give it instead of indulging in late night activities. Your activities will deteriorate its IQ level.

If you are looking to increase IQ level, then develop a regular sleep pattern in which it gets at least 7 hours of sound sleep.

Step 3.   Play Games to Smarten Your Brain

Playing mind-teasing games improves brain health. Leading psychologists have suggested that playing mind games and solving puzzles for 25 minutes each day can increase IQ level by 4 points. These puzzles, problem-solving games, word puzzles don’t necessarily have to be online, but if this is what is convenient for you, then you can search up such brain-teasing games through the internet. It is the best and most fun way of increasing your IQ level.

Step 4.   Solve IQ Tests Over and Over Again for Brain Health

An abundance of downloadable and printable IQ tests are available online. Many of these are fun to attempt; but besides providing an afternoon entertainment, these tests exercise the problem-solving ability of your mind. The tests might be different each time, but the format and the structure remain the same. Soon your brain will get the hang of it and will at once devise a way to solve the problems presented in front of it. Therefore, instead of wasting time and brain energy in watching TV, you must make yourself busy in solving fundamental problems.

Step 5.   Feed Yourself Some Chocolate and Then Reward Yourself with Chocolate Too

Dark chocolate is said to contain antioxidants and flavonols. But besides these brain health ingredients, it is also packed with magnesium and many of the vitamins from A to E. Your body’s immune system will thrive, and your brain will get a chance to increase IQ level. So, skip junk eat green and then some dark chocolate.

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