Why does IQ shift Drastically?

by Samuel
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I've taken three professionally administered IQ test, each from Wechsler at different chronological ages. WPPSI at age 7 and 1 month, WISC-III at age 7 but six months, and at 18 and 4 months.

The results of each test were in three different classifications and standard deviations.

The first test, I achieved a FSIQ of 138 as a highly gifted individual (WPPSI), the ESE board said that because I was in the upper limits of the age group for the test, that I should have been given the WISC-III. I was given the WISC-III and achieved an average FSIQ score of 108 which stated that I didn't qualify for ESE.

On my own initiative, based mostly on the opinions of others-I still possess faculties of a gifted thinker --even at ages two and three had an abnormal attention span to complete 100 piece puzzles, a profound vocabulary, interest in music, and really high fluid reasoning skills that results from playing with puzzles and blocks, and having to deal with numbers--so I consider myself above average at least. I freely took another I.Q. test, the WAIS-III at age 18 and 4 months and the results were FSIQ of 120.

So, lets look at the scores respectively, and this is my theory: The WPPSI was most accurate, however, because of the second testing with the WISC-III, I was not placed in the environment that cultured the type of brain activity of gifted children, thus, although my IQ was and still is high (120), it isn't as high as it would have been if placed in gifted--IQ seals around age 7, which made the testing process difficult to begin with.

But my question is, excluding Flynn's effect and keeping in mind the Theory of Cognitive Development, how and why does IQ shift so drastically?

138; 108; 120

That's dropping 30 points, 2 SD's down, then back up another 1.5 SD? Consider the previous test scores, and my age, is it likely to reach a MENSA level?

Mind you the uncommon shift of previous scores?

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You did really
by: Anonymous

You did really good work. I really appreciate your new and different post. Please guys keep it up and share with us some unique post in the future…

The most volatility
by: Anonymous

The most volatility in IQ scores is in childhood, mostly in adolescence. Offhand I can't think of a reason why it would be, it just seems to be the case.

by: Zena

There are a lot of factors that has to be considered when you are calculating the IQ of a person. And it does have a great difference when it is calculated in different ages. It would be almost in a stable position, once the person has crossed the middle age stage.

by: Anonymous

The testing of children is somewhat difficult as the age of the child plays a factor in the calculations. I believe that your most recent test is the most accurate as any test after the age of 15 is going to remain roughly stable until middle age. I sense that you like to think of yourself as very gifted, but would remind you that an IQ of roughly 120 is very high (you would be smarter then roughly 85-90% of individuals). Secondly there are other important factors in how "successful" an individual is, and with an IQ as high as 120 there would not be many doors closed to you.

However you may wish to wonder about the huge fluctuation that occurred in your scores. I cannot say why this happened but I can say that there is little good evidence that education can make such a big difference in IQ to account for a 15 odd point drop.

Overall, regardless of your true IQ you should be pleased that you are clearly well above average.

Above Average IQ Score
by: Saqib-Admin

As far as my studies and loud thinking are concerned, there are not only Flynn's effect and cognitive development process but many other factors that may shift your IQ score with WPPSI and WISC-III. They include the testing environment, your present state of mind, the age verses the test etc.

However, I can opine safely that you are above average as two professional tests taken at different levels of your chronicle age depict. The low scoring in WISC-III for the first time may be due to certain circumstantial factors.

Yes, you should try for MENSA...

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