High IQ Score and Your Success

Does high IQ score guarantee success?

In one word NO…!

There are two kinds of people discussing this question. First, those who have taken some IQ test and their results have shown them a genius or close to that. Second, the people who have taken an IQ test but could not score high. For the ease of discussion, we can term the first group as high IQ people and the second as average IQ people.

The high IQ people think (or told) that they have a high IQ score so they will be successful in most of the situations. The average people consider that as they don’t have a high IQ score, so they will fail in most of the situations. Both presumptions are wrong.

1-    How much high IQ score you qualify, it does not guarantee you success. I have discussed in response to some posts that there are three main elements of success; your goals or clear vision of success, your daily effort and persistence in the effort. However, I can’t insult your intelligence so admit that some level of intelligence is required to be successful in life.

2-    Then your IQ score does not measure the depth of your knowledge. It mainly focuses on your cognitive capabilities. If you can retain most of the information, that means you use your cognitive abilities very skillfully. However, if you forget most of the information that says you need to train your cognitive skills. Your cognitive skills are pillars that maintain your brain's health by perceiving what is going on around you. Most of the people can retain only 10% of what is going on around them, which is why remembering things can be difficult and monotonous at times. If your brain isn’t trained enough to remember everything that is going on around you, then you will find that every bit of information will be challenging to recall upon. Have you ever socialized with someone else and then come to realize that their grammar is better than yours? It isn’t because they are more intelligent than you are, it’s because they are challenging and resisting different muscles in their brain then making it easier to comprehend sensory information. As you train your brain consistently the neurons within your brain frame will resist and grow by acting on brain fluids. In return, new cells will be produced and used, subconsciously. 

high iq score

3-    Does your daily life poses some challenge to your brain or not? If you participate in the same activities every day and you aren’t likely to think “outside of the box,” then you aren’t progressing or training your brain. To grow, you have to fully participate in new activities, meet new people, and challenge your cognitive status in ways that may intimidate you at first. That goes to show why your cognitive skills affect every other part of your body and well being. Having a healthy state of mind and finding the will to strengthen your mind can produce compelling results. You will begin to act attentively, interact with others regularly, you will have a daily motivation, and you will be able to control your emotional intelligence. Noting that your IQ is high and will result in a high score is being familiar with the way that you handle things. If you can control your emotions to benefit yourself, then you have come to long ways. There are several instruments on the internet which can be used to improve your cognitive skills.

If you have an average IQ score, you can improve it by challenging your brain with complex situations (practices). However, if you have a high IQ score or achieve that level with exercise, you need to consider on other elements of success. You can’t rely on the IQ results for your future life. 

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