Preparing For Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test?

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Tests is used to determine your aptitude for learning mechanical skills in your applied mechanical job. It measures a complex set of abilities. Your mechanical knowledge, spatial intelligence and mechanical reasoning are tested and analyzed.

The Bennett Comprehension Test is administered in a number of ways. Generally, the questions are read over to you either in group or individually. However, some testers may prefer to use tape recorders to read the questions.

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Score Interpretation and Reliability

When you answer the items in any mechanical aptitude test, each of your correct answer is counted to complete your personality profile. However, these raw scores are useless unless they are interpreted in the way as manual of the Bennett test defines. You are required to answer all 68 multiple choice questions within the given thirty minutes.

The Bennett Mechanical Test is reported to have high level of reliability. Not only the testing industry, the psychologists but also the employers have been giving a solid weight to the results and predictions of the Bennett test.

For jobs requiring multiple aptitudes, the BMCT is most effective when used in combination with other tests.

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Elements Of Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Tests

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A professional Bennett Mechanical Comprehension test contains categories of the 135 questions into 18 content areas. Each category shows the number of question that a Bennett Test may generally have.

  • Acoustics -3 questions
  • Inertia – 5
  • Belt Drive - 2
  • Levers – 8
  • Center of Gravity – 7
  • Optics – 6
  • Centrifugal Force – 5
  • Planes and Slopes – 2
  • Electricity – 6
  • Pulley Systems – 10
  • Gears - 10
  • Resolution of Forces – 6
  • Gravity and Velocity – 9
  • Shape and Volume - 7
  • Heat- 8
  • Structures – 12
  • Hydraulics – 16
  • Miscellaneous - 14

Advice To Encounter Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

The importance of Bennett Mechanical Comprehension test for a mechanical job demands that you should know a bit of different concepts of physics. There are some daily life experiences given in physics terminology:

1) Inertia of a body is the inability of the body to change by itself the state of rest or of uniform motion.

2) Pushing the roller over a step requires a larger force than pulling the roller over the step.

3) A person on frictionless surface can get away by blowing out the air from the mouth or by throwing away an object in direction opposite to the one in which he/she wants to move.

4) The forces acting on a point are concurrent forces and they are in equilibrium if resultant force is zero.

5) To produce extension or compression in the spring, two equal and opposite forces are to be applied on the spring. In equilibrium restoring force developed due to elasticity of the spring is equal to either force and opposite to applied force. A definite amount of work has to be done against restoring force both in compressing the spring. This work done is stored in the form of potential energy in the spring.

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