Practice with Air Traffic Controller AT-SA Test

You dream to work as an Air Traffic Controller by joining your selected aviation company. However, you need to qualify the Air Traffic Controller AT-SA Test.

The idea is to test your skills to maintain safe, ordered and organized air traffic. Unlike other career options, the air traffic controllers are hired on handsome amounts. After I took this professional sample test, I realized  it was based on exactly the same guidelines as provided for the main test. The level of the questions was neither very easy nor very complex.

What is included in Air Traffic Controller AT-SA Test

The sample AT-SA test consists of :

•    The seven sub sections
•    Personality assessment

The tests comprised of the finest and superior quality of education material. The package of AT-SA test:

•    Has a total of 13 practice tests and I bought them all.
•    Gives a detailed introduction of personality, memory, logical reasoning and more.
•    Has a total of 220 personality questions.
•    All questions have a detailed reasoning along with.

The test is available online at a very affordable cost. The AT-SA Test can improve your performance and ability to perform the role of air traffic controller.

The 2 hours and 50 minute exam is more about the memory game, memory/variables, spatial relationship, ATC Simulation, Word Problems, Personality Test, and Reading Comprehension. Initially, My reasoning skills were not sharp and hence I concentrated more on it. The level of all the 220 questions is moderate, but not very simple.

The questions in the practice test are divided based on the relevance and importance of the topics. Like I completed the reading comprehension in 14 minutes with about 18 questions to solve. On the other hand, the personality test had 108 questions in all under different segments. The Word Problems were quite simple and I completed it in 21 minutes for 15 questions.

Other sections were also important, especially the ones that deal into the memory games.

What is included in the Air Traffic Controller AT-SA Test Pack

If you like, you can purchas the preparation pack for the Air Traffic Controller to achieve your  dream job. The package test includes Memory Tests, Spatial Reasoning Test, Personality Test and Biographical Assessment, Reading Comprehension Test, Word Problems, Graphs and Charts. Analyze and read things carefully.

The preparation pack is just a tap away and is available online. After a lot of practice, I geared up my speed and practiced hard to achieve what is difficult for many.

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