What is Ability Testing and how it can Assess You?

A test that measures the person’s ability to perform at various work tasks is typically known as Ability test. These tests have proven to be quite useful during the skill based assessments of employees and applying candidates.

Unlike tests and examinations that are conducted in educational institutes, the ability test does not measure the acquired knowledge and academic performance of the candidate, rather judges him on an entirely potential level of practical aptitude.

Assessments like these are, therefore, quite beneficial and helps the employers and the management of the company to pick out those candidates who have the potential of building a positive work environment without losing focus on the task at hand.

How Ability Tests are categorized?

Becoming familiar with the ability or aptitude test that you will have to take is an essential step to performing well when the time is right. When applying for a job at a reputable firm, it is most likely that you will be asked to take one of the following tests. 

1.   Abstract Reasoning

This test reveals how good you are at using logic and complex thought to identify patterns within a data set, and predict how those patterns will work. Employers want to see if you can apply what you have learnt about a pattern, and use this information to solve a problem.

2.   General Ability Tests

A general ability test or GAT, is designed to test your ability across a range of skills, which include numerical, verbal and reasoning capabilities. They measure how well you can observe, learn and solve problems.

3.   Numerical Test

A numerical test examines your proficiency with basic mathematics.  You will be asked to do math calculations, like addition, subtraction, division, percentages and so on and so forth.

Numerical reasoning tests are more complicated, and test your understanding concepts like number series and transformations. If you’re looking to start a career as an accountant or a financial analyst for example, you may be asked to take a numerical ability test.

4.   Verbal Ability Test

You will be tested on your language skills, and will be asked to demonstrate your correct use of grammar, spelling, your vocabulary and understanding of word meanings, as well as your ability to analyze the provided written information. 

A basic verbal test, for example, will ask you to identify analogies or synonyms, while a more difficult test could ask you to make logical conclusions based on given statements. High level management and people in HR are expected to display strong verbal ability.

5.   Spatial Ability

While a special skill test might resemble an abstract reasoning test in appearance, the two are very different as a spatial test specifically tests your mental ability to manipulate shapes. These tests are only used for jobs that require good spatial skills, like technical and design jobs, where drawing, planning and working with spatial requirements is a necessity.

6.   Mechanical Ability

The mechanical test will measure your level of natural mechanical ability, and discover how comfortable you are with basic mechanical principles used in the everyday surrounding.

These mechanical principles may include the basic knowledge of levers, pulleys, gears, electrical circuits etc. If you’re looking for a job in the emergency services, the military, as an auto-mechanic or as an aircraft technician you could be asked to take a mechanical test of this kind.

7.   Peg Board, Fine Dexterity and Manual Dexterity Tests

These tests measure your manual dexterity, as well as your fine finger and small tool ability. Dexterity tests evaluate your hand-eye coordination, your motor skills and your steadiness. They are mostly used to evaluate how good you would be at jobs that require frequent manual manipulation in restricted spaces, like assembly line positions.

Manual dexterity tests can evaluate either speed or skill, and you can be assessed either on how quickly you complete a task, or how accurately the task is completed.

Achieving High Performance Results

One of the key contributing factors to improving your ability test score is practice. There are many online test options available. You can find abstract reasoning, numerical, verbal, spatial and mechanical tests online. There are also online courses available in the respective areas. Carefully select which practice tests you should take based on the choice of career field that you are trying to progress in.

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