Important Notes on Aptitude Testing

Aptitude testing is simply a set of questions structured and made systematic as it forms a perfect way of ascertaining, determining and evaluating how people do some things and the way they do them. Such evaluations go a long way in showing the way people would react on certain circumstances or conditions and the factors that will trigger individuals.

These instruments are used extensively in companies’ interview because hiring managers usually want to know how the job seeker would act based on certain conditions. By ascertaining the behavior or demeanor of the job seekers, it would be easy for the hiring manager to select the right candidates for the position in view.

Scoring aptitude testing

To understand the techniques of scoring aptitude measurement, it would be important to first note that there are different kinds of questions and these are based on the subject area the test falls on. Usually, candidates would be expected to take general exams but in some settings, especially in the academic setting, the candidate can also be asked to take some specific tests with respect to his subject area.

The general measurements are usually verbal, logical and quantitative reasoning which show the reasoning ability of the candidate and how he would respond based on different conditions and circumstances. Based on the type of instrument used, the tests are matched to already defined standard and the scores will be determined but it is important to note that some measurements such as personality tests do not have right and wrong answers.

How to Get Good Scores with aptitude testing

aptitude testing

Essentially, you need to know some tips that will help you fetch good scores in such measurements. It is important to note that these tests measure different factors and usually the tests you may be taking may be measuring a different factor than you think but for the best result, it is usually important that you know what the  test is measuring. Some of the likely factors and things such an instrument may be measuring include the following among many others:

-         Intelligence. Example IQ Test

-         Planning ability

-         Organizational ability

-         Personality. Example personality tests and many others

Having known the likely factors a test measure; you can easily get good scores in the test by making sure you do what you are supposed:

-         Make sure that you read the instruction carefully before you begin the test; it is important to note that instruction is a part of your evaluation and going against instruction simply indicate a poor performance irrespective of the fact that you might have done exceptionally well in the test questions.

-         Try taking some free test online or practicing already taken tests before you go for a serious tests that will determine your state of employment, admission and otherwise. The reason for this is very simple and it is because evidence suggests that practicing similar tests will go a long way to improve your performance on the tests.

-         Before commencing your test and while on your evaluation, it is advisable to check the amount of time you have and also make sure that you do not panic. Do not let anxiety in because anxiety has the capacity of making you perform very poor even in a test that you know a great part of the questions. Also try not to be bogged down by a question; in other words if you find a question difficult, simply go to the next one.

Are Tests Accurate Measure of Abilities?

Although these tests go a long way to ascertain some factors based on the answers given by an individual in the test but it is also important to note that such tests may be biased. These tests do not accurately measure factors like intelligence, planning and so forth; in fact recent findings show that a factor like intelligence cannot be accurately determined by a single factor. Furthermore, there are lots of factors that might contribute to your poor performance in an aptitude test but that does not simply imply that your overall performance in that given areas or field of life is poor. This is not to say that this measurement should be discarded; it does give a glimpse of an individual’s ability on a given aspect of life but obviously it should be compared against other tests or factors before drawing conclusions.

Practice with Free Aptitude Tests

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