Bergmans IQ Tests – What They Are and Why You Must Take Them

Are you interested to join the renowned Mensa International Society of the brightest people? Do you think you have what it takes? If you do, then there is only one way to find out – Mensa IQ tests. But Mensa tests are known for being extremely challenging and sometimes difficult; so why not practice your problem solving capabilities by taking the Bergmans IQ Tests.

IQ Testing and Bergmans IQ Test

IQ testing can be crucial for the right placement of children into the schools and other educational institutes; however numerous organizations also utilize these IQ tests to filter our individuals who are best worthy of the job opportunity at hand. These tests help in determining the level of intelligence that particular individual has which will further help in being grouped with other individuals who share the same level.

Stemming out from the basic IQ test, you will notice many other Intelligence testing assessments that have been designed to meet the individual requirements of those organizations and educational institutions.

What are Bergmans IQ Tests Used for?

There is another category of IQ tests which are basically meant to identify individuals who fall in the category of the most intelligent people. These tests are known as Bergmans IQ Tests. Bergmans IQ Tests are actually preparatory IQ tests which prepare the individual for the actual Mensa IQ tests to join the esteemed Mensa International society.

What is Mensa and How Can You Get in This Society?

Bergmans IQ Tes

In layman’s terms, Mensa is an International Society for the very smart and bright people. The only qualification standard required to get into this society is a really high IQ score – only those who fall in the last 2 percentile of the IQ level make it to this society.

The Mensa society was founded by a scientist/lawyer, Dr. Lance Ware from England, who envisioned a group of intelligent and smart people who are not addressed with political or religious issues. It became a reality in 1946 but now there are more than 120,000 members of this society that belong to different parts of the world.

There is no restriction of age, gender, creed or nationality that could keep a person from joining this society. However there is one and only one requirement – the individual should fall in the upper 2% of IQ level. Different tests have different top scores therefore no one score, example 130-140 can be taken as the benchmark. The top 2%, hence, better clarifies the range one should be in to qualify for the Mensa International society.

In order to qualify for the Mensa community, you must attain the required score in the Mensa IQ tests. Applicants can choose from either of the two options to qualify for Mensa,

•    Take the Mensa test and clear it with the percentage required or

•    Qualify in the 98th percentile at any other approved IQ test that is administered under supervision.

How is the Mensa Test Conducted?

The Mensa entrance tests are conducted in two steps:

Step 1.     A test with 36 problems and the time allowed to finish this test is 1 hour.

Step 2.     A test with 45 problems and the time allowed to finish this test is 20 minutes.

The tests in both these steps are somewhat similar containing mostly 2D images without test or numerals but they vary in the skill level. The test is taken on paper with the absence of aids.

It is believed that the Mensa tests results get better with the number of attempts. However, you can also practice with other online tests – Bergman’s IQ Tests.

Relationship Between Mensa and Bergmans Tests

Are you still wondering what the relationship between Bergmans IQ Tests and Mensa is? The Bergmans tests can be downloaded through an online source and can be practiced on the computer. These tests have been found to be very similar to the Mensa test which, therefore, helps the candidate in qualifying for Mensa. Following are the properties of Bergmans tests that are akin to the Mensa test.

•    Both have a range of 36-45 problems each

•    The difficulty level of both these tests are almost the same; however some problems in the Bergmans test might be a bit more difficult.

•    The problems are very similar in both tests but not identical

•    Both allow the same amount of time to the candidates to finish the test.

•    The layout of the tests and the procedure in which they are carried out are also the same.

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