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When visitors ask, “which one is the best IQ test”, they expect a name which can measure their intelligence without any error. But there is no psychological instrument which can measure intelligence of the average lot beyond doubts.

Roughly referred, the IQ score stands for a level of intelligence which you attain vis-à-vis other subjects to a particular psychological instrument. However, the IQ tests are improving structurally and precisely. There are different IQ tests for different age groups. There are different tools to measure different kind of intelligence. Yet there is emotional intelligence which may not be measured very well with the help of existing psychological tools.

Thus it is difficult if not impossible to label any test as the best IQ test.

The Best IQ Tests for Adults and Children

best iq test

The IQ of both adults and children can be tested and calculated with the help of standardized IQ tests. But tests that measure the mental capability of both adults and children have to be, of course different – they would have to be appropriate for their ages and mental levels. Hence for both adults and for children, the best IQ test would be dissimilar.

The most commonly used IQ tests for adults and children are Wechsler intelligence tests with respective scales.

Adult IQ Tests

  • The ones administered to adults are known as
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS)
  • The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales
  • Bergman’s IQ Test

Children IQ Tests

Those designed for the children are the

  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC),
  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI)
  • The Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABC)and
  • The Stanford Achievement Tests.

They closely measure the intelligence level of individuals. The difference lies in the way that they are administered and perhaps the length and type of problems included

How IQ Tests measure intelligence?

The IQ tests contain problems that could be mentally challenging for the candidate but the answering method is extremely easy. Instead of writing down long answers to questions of general knowledge, the candidates are required to choose one possibly correct answer from the multiple choices provided. The answers are then tallied and the score is taken out. The best IQ test would be the one that aptly measures the IQ level of the individual and is acceptable as a screening test at educational and business institutions.

The problems contained in the tests are designed in a manner that they may determine the intellectual capacity of the person when compared with the rest of the general population. The mental performance of that individual is tested in different areas; for example, the memory, quantitative reasoning, fluid intelligence and processing speed all are examined using these very standardized tests.

When and why are IQ tests used?

There are a number of reasons and occasions when IQ tests prove to be essential as well as effective. For example,


  • When damage to cognitive ability, memory or other any other brain function is suspected after injury or trauma, these IQ tests are conducted and the results determine the degree of effect that has resulted.
  • The IQ tests are also conducted as part of the screening process for some employment. It becomes easier for organizations to filter out candidates for the job by assessing the IQ test results.
  • Certain jobs require a basic intelligence level in the candidates applying for the job to be able to carry out the task that they would have to undertake if selected.


  • IQ tests for children are conducted if adults, who supervise them, suspect substantial delays in their performance or on the other hand, if obvious giftedness is suspected. The best IQ test that would aptly determine the correct intelligence level of those children will help in getting them the proper services and required assistance that they are in need of.
  • IQ tests are also needed to test out the intelligence level of all kids studying in a school to place them at a scholastic level that is most appropriate for their mental abilities and capabilities.

Other categories of the IQ tests

Most of the paper-and-pencil tests mention above are comparatively accurate and either of those can be conducted depending upon the requirement. But they can be further divided into categories following the content for a specific intelligence dimension.

For example, they can be,

·         General Mental Ability IQ Tests (GMA)

·         Verbal Reasoning Tests

·         Verbal Comprehension Tests

·         Numerical Ability Tests

·         Numerical Reasoning Tests

·         Diagramming Tests

·         Visual Speed and Accuracy Tests etc.

If you still want to know about a perfect IQ test, you will have to wait for some future date when psychologists develop such a tool which can measure your intelligence without any error. However, if you want to go for a well reputed tool then the Wechsler intelligence scales are the best ones.

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