Career Inventory Test And Your Personality Inventory

How do you shape the things?

It is your personal interest, foresight and choice that determine the patterns of your likes and dislikes. You need to be aware of your innate talents and your personality inventory.

In order to build a personality inventory, you are subjected to career inventory test. It is a tool to valuate and determine the presence of certain characteristics. It is comprised of a chain of questions to decide your acquaintance, smartness and talents.

The career inventory interest test helps you to touch the peak of your achievements. It helps the employers to build a personality inventory profile to make a comparative statement of the applying candidates. It measures your interests, capabilities, temperaments, competence and adaptability to the working conditions.

Aims of Career Inventory Test

The personality inventory is built with the help of questions about you offered during a career inventory test. It predicts your level of contentment with a given job or a specific education. So these inventories are used principally for guidance and advice.

The career inventory interest test does not intend to predict your success in a particular job but possibility of your being interested from heart. Personality inventory includes ten group of professional interests: out-of-door interests, technical interest, interest in computation, interest in science, influential interest, creative interest, interest in literature, musical interest, social service interest, and secretarial interest.

Elements of Personality Inventory

This career test measures your abilities at work. Personality inventory contains your desired career goals.

The career interest inventory tests may not include questions about your acquired skills but includes questions to measure your:

•  Capability

• Skillfulness

• Interests

• Individual Approach

• Domestic Setting

• Ideals

• Objective

• Professional Growth

Benefits of Career Inventory Test

There a good number of benefits claimed for a career inventory test. Some of them include:

1. This instrument helps the employers to determine whether you are fit for a specific job.

2. Career Inventory interest test is designed to help you about the ideas or to issues you have not thought before.

3. The personality inventory helps you to choose the plan best suited to your professional needs, fiscal truth and personal interests.

4. Your responses to the items contained in this inventory test imitate your truthful self-opinion so that meaningful career information is provided to you.

5. It is a list of those factors that identify your relation to - and your alienation from your career.

6. Personality inventories are steps to measure your interests that compare you with other people employed in the same position.

7. Career inventories offer a précis of your interests and the profession that suits your interests.

8. It is a basis for evaluation or judgment about your potential career.

9. Personality inventory is used in problem anticipation and psychoanalysis.

10. Personality inventory is used in professional development, and organizational planning situations.

11. It gives a detailed and concise summary of individual Vocational and environmental abilities.

12. It tells about the wok that suits you the best.

13. It tells you about the people with whom you are most likely to wok well.

14. It guides you about the types of work you are most likely to enjoy.

15. It provides you with the information to help you select a new career.

Weaknesses of Career Inventory Tests

The career inventory test is not equally effective for all businesses.Different factors affect the career inventory interest tests. These are positioning of inventory tests, validation, segmentation, and improvement efforts. The main weaknesses observed in this instrument are:

• The individual may conceal the information.

• The organization or the person may exaggerate the information.

• This test has the inherit problem that concept of personality is fluid so each developer tries to develop a specific mode as he defines the term.

Anyway, the career test inventory is a psychological instrument used in career assessment. It has potential to offer data that can help the psychologists, the employers and you to measure your interests. The questioner or inventory if properly answered can lead you to locate a suitable job for you. It reveals your hidden interests and potentials.

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