Modern Era of the Clerical Tests

When you enter a psychological session for clerical tests, you are not expected to exhibit big decisions making skills. However, you are required to work with speed and accuracy. Your short term memory should be good and you should be able to go through numerical and alphabetical details. You should be able to find out mistakes quickly. Your single digit mistake can cost you a negative marking.

The modern day technology has made not only the clerical jobs complex but also the tools to measure variant clerical skills. Furthermore, the different combination of tasks has made different posts so variant that different sub-tests have been introduced to meet the requirements of the modern day employers.

Some technological developments are so sharp that many clerical jobs need skills in computer usage. Some tests used for such jobs are called computer aptitude tests. Examples include the Computer Literacy Test and Computer Science tests, Computer Programmer Aptitude Battery etc.

Now these tests are used for clerks, cashiers, inspectors, packers and many other jobs which are not essentially considered as clerks. But they all need your speed and accuracy to perform to yield the best results.

What do clerical tests Measure?

Modern clerical job tests are combination of the classical tests and inclusion of a number of sub-tests from other batteries. Different tests may have different combination of instruments to measure following skills:

• Comparison (names and numbers)

• Matching (letters and digits)

• Alphabetizing

• Classifying

• Checking

• Coding & Decoding

• Filing

• Verbal Reasoning

• Numerical Reasoning

• Mathematical Reasoning

• Logical Reasoning

• Business Vocabulary

• Business Information

• Language Usage

• Proofreading and Spellings

• Written Expression

• Secretarial manners and management skills

• Message Receiving Skills

• Short Term Memory for names, numbers and faces

• Computer related clerical jobs

Are they Achievement Tests?

You may term some clerical job tests as achievement tests. They require you to have some specific skills before even applying for a clerical job. You need to have typing skill to be a stenographer. You can’t be a data entry operator without having sufficient knowledge of the computer applications such as Microsoft word processor, excel, excess etc.

Maximize Your Intelligence

Minnesota Clerical Test 

Sample Sub-Tests of Modern Clerical Tests

Nursing Career Aptitude Test

Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery

Police Aptitude Test

Wonderlic Personnel Test

Verbal Aptitude Test

Spatial Aptitude Test

Electrical Aptitude Test

General Aptitude Test Battery

Programmer Aptitude Test

Mechanical Aptitude Test

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