Electrical Aptitude Test is Conducted For Electrical Jobs!

The use of electrical aptitude test has become essential for any electrical or electronic related jobs.

Whether you are looking for your electrical career in army, government, public or private organization, you are required not only to have certification from some recognized institution but also possess working knowledge of electrical equipments and electronic systems.

In most of the cases you are required to go through training before handling complex electrical systems. Understandably, no employer can afford to train you if you don’t have any interest and aptitude for electrical field. Otherwise, they will expose their costly equipments and machinery to the risk of damage and destruction.

Constitution of the Test

The electrical aptitude test is conducted to find out your working knowledge of power flow, electrical functionality and signals. Though these tests claim not to check your past knowledge but different levels of electrical jobs but you can’t succeed through them without having some degree of knowledge about electrical equipments, systems and controls. The wide use of computer technology in electrical equipments and electronics has forced the psychologists to include questions about computer aptitude as well. However, most of the electrical aptitude tests contain two major portions:

Knowledge about Algebra

You may be given simple questions about algebra problems. You are required to mentally calculate the prepositions to come up with a right answer. You need not to memorize special kind of formulas to be successful. However, you need to have their knowledge and alertness of mind to apply them correctly. Some people like to call such session tests as algebra aptitude test.


Besides Algebra you may be given a paragraph containing simple instructions about electrical equipments, systems and electronics. You will be required to read it carefully and answer the questions given at the end. In many cases, you shall see multiple options to find out the right one. Your answers shall help the psychologists to determine your level of understanding and responding to simple instructions. Your inability to do this part successfully exposes your inability to handle with complex machines.

Electrical Tests and Associated Jobs

The electrical and electronic jobs are in high demand all over the world. The societies are getting more complex and people are looking for more comfort. That’s why electrically proficient people are required in all walks of life. However, a few of prominent jobs associated with the electrical aptitude tests include:

Engineers and Electrical Aptitude Test

Electrical Engineers

If you are looking for the job of an electrical engineer, you primarily need to get electrical engineering degree from some well recognized college or university. However, you shall also be subjected to electrical tests before you can get your recruitment letter. Your job shall be highly focused upon electrical equipment, power generation systems and power transmission tools. You will be required to visualize, design, develop and test systems before they are used openly. In some situations you may be required to have control upon the field staff for repairing and maintenance of such equipment and tools.

Electronic Engineers

There is no major difference between an electrical and electronic aptitude test except names and a bit of question setting. However, if you are looking for a job of an electronic engineer, you primarily need a sort of degree. Then you shall pass through a well designed electronic aptitude test. You are going to visualize, design, develop and test the electronics before they are allowed to be supplied to the customers.

Electricians and Electrical Aptitude Test

The electrical aptitude test is pre-condition for all electrician jobs. If you are looking for a job of an electrician, you will have to install, test and maintain electrical equipments and electronics. However, your focus shall be upon the areas in which you have got special knowledge. There are following important categories of electrician jobs depending upon specialization of the job-seekers.

1- Inside Wireman

If you are looking for an electrical job in industrial, commercial and public organizations, it would most probably be an inside wireman. You will have to handle with conduit wires, service panels, lighting, motors and controllers.

Your job shall have a variety of action. You will have to handle fire alarm system one day and security system the other day. Most of opportunities for inside wireman rise in electrical, power, automobile and chemical industries.

2- Residential Wire-man

Like inside wire-men, you are required to pass through an electrical aptitude test. Your training shall be focused upon designing, installing and testing electrical systems in residential buildings. Earlier people wanting career as residential wiremen had to work privately. Now certain companies have come into existence which employee residential wiremen to serve their customers.

3- Outside Power Lineman

The electrical aptitude test being offered to the outside power lineman is mainly comprised of questions related to power system installation, power controlling and power transmission. You will have to work, in most of the cases, outside the building and even underground. Your main role may be to handle transmission to poles and then power distribution to the customers.

Whatever electrical job you are looking for, you will have to face electrical aptitude test. You need not only to know your work but also exercise a couple of electrical and electronic aptitude tests to have a practical experience to handle them with ease.

The statistics show that opportunities in the electrical and electronic fields have been popping up frequently for last couple of decades. Many new industries came and died within span of years. However, electrical field is still holding the field and shall continue to provide jobs to the electrical proficient people in future as well. The scarcity of trained people has pushed up the earnings for electrical and electronic related careers. The American Labor Department claims that an electrician should be paid up to $20.00 for every working hour.

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