Flaw in the IQ Tests

by Dr. R. J. Kustenburg

I propose that the IQ test is an accurate test for the most part, but it has some flaws. For example, if someone is taking an internet test, then they could simply "google" the answers and immediately have the results at their hand. I will be writing an article for further reference.

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not reliable
by: Anonymous

Internet IQ tests are not legitimate and it is absurd to think every one commenting on this thread has such high IQs. They are not accurate and especially not ones found on the internet.

flaw in iq
by: Anonymous

My iq is 146 and many people might think thats very good the problem I have with iq tests is that the first time I took one I scored around 130 thats a pretty significant difference considering I did both test within a week the two test had different questions so it was not based on memory and time is also a factor in score
What I think is one possible flaw with iq test is the fact that taking Iq test can make you better at taking iq tests in addition exposure acts as a primer for cognition and for this reason I believe that the only accurate iq test would be one specifically designed for the person taking it. The iq test should take in account the individuals behavior and levels of exposure to the concepts identified in the questions I believe that being intelligent is less important then mental or cognitive optimization a person could have the highest iq ever recorded and be out performed by someone with the iq below 100 if the person with the lower iq can increase their mental or cognitive efficiency

Cheating in the IQ test
by: Anonymous

I think an IQ test is to see how able you are to solve problems etc. with IQ tests online, yes, you can cheat by googling the answers, but doesnt that just mean that an IQ test is too 'outdated' for this infomation rich world. lets use an example: 'jack' takes an IQ test and doesnt know how to solve 1 of the problems. he Googles it and gets the right answer. Doesnt that mean that he knows how to solve the problem ie research it, therefore he has a higher IQ, because of his ability to learn and think for himself? Im no doctor or psychologist, and i dont know the correct definition of 'cleverness', but im sure ones motivation to seek an out an answer or problem you dont know is a form of intellegence?

myself included, i did an IQ test and scored 127, but that doesnt mean i can spell and my grammar is terrible at best. i stand corrected, but i believe intellegence was sorted into 9 major types. maybe the IQ test is analysing too few of these to be a correct indication and should be improved...

RE: Flaw in the IQ Tests
by: J.W.

Well, I took an online IQ test, I didn't look up the answers on "Google" or "Ask" or any other type of search engine, and I scored 125. Granted, this isn't a profound IQ score, it is still pretty good. My point in this is simply, yes, it is a flaw, but only if the user cares so much about his/her intelligence, that they would try and find SOME comfort in believing they are smarter than the rest, which I believe, isn't that many people, except for they few ego-tistic peoples in the world. So, I am saying that since we have an IQ test, and it is fairly accurate, leave it at that.

We Welcome Your Article
by: Admin

Hi Dr. R. J. Kustenburg,

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