Funny Personality Tests; Tools for Enjoyment

From time to time, we all need a break from the daily grind in life. We all need a chance to relax, and really enjoy ourselves. One of the best ways to relax on the Internet is by reading jokes. You've probably been sent a funny joke email at least once a month from friends and family members, many of which you have probably already seen or heard (the Internet is great for re-distributing old humor forever). However, one of the best ways to send a joke is to have the joke be unique to who you are sending the joke to. The best way to do this is through funny personality tests. A funny personality test is a quick test that you can take that will try to determine your unique personality. These tests are a great way to get a chance to laugh at your or your friend's responses.

These personality tests are the joke that keeps on giving- for all of your friends and family members, the joke will be custom to their personality. Often, they will reply back with the results of their fun. Once you send these tests through email, you will be able to laugh at all of the responses- some responses will probably be expected, while others will probably be unexpected. This is the beauty of these tests. They help you to learn more about your friends and family, while being entertained!

Shapes and Sizes of Funny Personality Tests

Funny personality tests come in all shapes and sizes, from quick 10 minute tests, to 30+ minute tests. These tests mostly involve things in our lives that we find funny on a daily basis, or they can also bring out the humor in the most mundane of tasks that we perform everyday. For instance, the “are you a bad driver” test helps to identify whether or not your friends and family are maniacs on the road. Also, the “are you a redneck” tests help to see who in your circle of friends acts like a redneck from time to time. Many other types of personality tests are available, such as goth personality tests, and many tests have been written around cartoon or TV series characters. In these tests, they try to determine which character from a TV show or cartoon best matches your personality. Given the popularity of many TV shows and movies, this is a sure win with your friends or family.

All of these personality tests are available to you for free, on the Internet. These tests are available with just a quick search on your favorite search engine, and can be found easily. Often taking less than a few minutes to complete a test, they are quickly completed, and quickly spread through email and web pages such as My Space, or any web blogs.

Custom Funny Personality Tests

Funny personality tests are only bound to get more creative with time, also. If you have an idea for a funny test, there are many services available on the Internet which allows you to create a custom test. Your test can contain any type of questions, and many services even have the ability for you to insert web links back to test results. These test results can contain a creative description of the test results, as well as custom images to represent the test results.

Your own imagination is the only limitation with these custom test services. Best of all, registration is free on most websites, since your tests help the websites generate more web traffic. So, if you can think of a funny test that isn't out there on the Internet yet, why not create it yourself?

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