Can You Aspire to Be One of the High IQ People? Is it Important for a Successful Life at all?

Why visitors are talking too much about high IQ people and scores? Are you interested in such debates on this website?

Let me guess: during high school or college you were one of the people looking always longingly at the nerds, wishing you could memorize stuff as fast as they seem to do. The dream is understandable. Had you been one of the smart ones, you wouldn’t have to worry about that F you got on the exam. Classes would be a breeze.

But unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with amazing intellectual prowess. Not all of us can master the Periodic Table of Elements by just skimming through the poster. Yup, not all of us can navigate our way through the History of the Renaissance using photographic memory.

Or so we thought.

Before high intelligence people push you into depression by making you feel like a dullard by comparison, it’s important to understand what IQ really is and how you can make it work to your advantage. Genetics mean we all get dealt with different cards, but this doesn’t necessary mean that those whose IQ scores are low or average are always going to either fail or have to try way harder. Companies and universities do still value an applicant’s score on a standardized IQ test, yes, but that doesn’t mean that high IQ people would always finish first.

Understanding Your IQ

First off, what is IQ?

If you’re like most people, you probably confuse IQ with memory. You think that those who can retain the most information in the less amount of time are people who may be classified as mentally superior. But IQ, or intelligence quotient, is broader than the ability to remember things.

IQ refers to your capacity and aptitude to not just remember, but also comprehend and apply information, as compared with your same-age peers. It’s basically your aptitude and skill in getting to the bone of an idea and playing in and out of it. Between an academician who can recite a programming code and say, Steve Jobs who can transform what he knows into an actual innovative design, Steve Jobs would be the one classified as a member of the high intelligence group.

Is IQ Fixed?

“Is IQ malleable?” is a common question asked today.

Intelligence has been accepted as a hereditary trait, so there’s a big chance that your parent’s IQ score would be your IQ score as well. But this doesn’t mean that you’re trapped in the IQ score that you are born with!

Consider this finding: did you know that the average IQ of each new generation tends to be higher than the last? Yup, the average IQ of your generation tends to be higher than your parent’s generation, and your parent’s generation higher than your grandparent’s generation. The average IQ of people goes up year after year! This means that the environment --- likely the increase access to and use of sources of information --- do help you to get higher IQ scores.

This means there’s hope for every average Joe and Jane to become part of the high IQ people!

What High IQ Means For You?

But why bother? Aside from being able to pass your school exams, are there other benefits to having a high IQ score?

The straight answer is yes.

Almost everything we do in life, even simple tasks we need to accomplish at home, relies on learning. If you want to master the latest application on your IPhone, you need to easily grasp the navigation keys the app has. If you want to ensure that you’re not cheated by your bank when it comes to mortgaging your home, you have to be smart enough to analyze what each re-financing contract mean. Indeed, your ability to gather and master new ideas on a regular basis is one of the things that will make you more adept at life.

Just remember: being a part of the high IQ people is not the be all and end all of success. You must also have a good attitude and an amazing work ethic. The world is filled with high IQ people (indeed, most school faculties have them by the dozens), but not all of them become happy self-made billionaires. If you want to get ahead of the competition, you have to use your smarts in the right way.

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