Management Aptitude Test

What qualities a good manager possess?

A management aptitude test may measure a few of them like:

Judgment, team work, leadership, planning, re-scheduling etc. The list can go on. Too naively suggested, whatever management aptitude tests measure, are the qualities required for a good manager.

They are too many...

So there are too many tests, styles and interpretations. They claim to measure your managerial skills required for a job. However, they often measure only the skills that you exhibit during your testing session.

That’s why you should not be off colored when time comes. Prepare well. Practice them. Get first hand knowledge about your strong and weak points. These two styles of the management aptitude test may help you to encounter your aptitude testing.

Management Aptitude Test Sample True/False

Question 1:

I am more concerned with taking out the potential of my team members than their competitiveness. (True/False)

Question 2:

I just want to ahead in my career and overlook my relations with colleagues going ahead. (True/ False )

Question 3:

By my experience I prefer my standalone decisions than group decisions. (True/ False)

Question 4:

As a business manager you should at least technically know as much as your immediate subordinates.(True/ False )

Question 5:

In presentations or motivation speeches I need to be prepared before rather than speaking on the spot.(True/ False )

Question 6:

I learn more important things listening to other business managers at my level than to subordinates.(True/ False )

Question 7:

Interacting with juniors is more important to me than time spent on my desk.(True/ False )

Question 8:

As a manager credit for successful project is given to subordinates and you don't think you deserve the most as you only got the work done out of them.(True/False )

Ok, a true/false type questionnaire only outlines your qualities of manager but a multiple-choice questionnaire confirms it...

And (T,F,F,F,F,T,T,T) are general choices of good managers.

Management Aptitude Test; Multiple Choices

1. Time Estimation:

How do you accurately estimate the time needed to complete a particular project? A team member comes up to you and says, "We estimate that it will take approximately 4 months to complete this project" Do you say: -

a) "I'll tell the customer 5 months as you people always underestimate"

b) "Good! A bonus for the team if project is completed in time"

c) "I estimate 3 months time with added features on the project"

2. Bonus:

Suppose your team worked hard for 4 months to complete a project, how do you reward them?

a) A cash bonus and some time off to refresh themselves.

b) A good at a nice restaurant with some gift and allow them to take a couple of weekends off to get a decent work-life balance.

c) Depending on their evaluation report they will get returns only if they are there after few months.

3. Teamwork Issues:

To be a good manager you need to manage your subordinates. Suppose some kind of grouping arises within the team with one group refusing to cooperate with the other. Do you...?

a) Look out for the origination of the problem and solve it by reassigning the work or taking some members out of the project.

b) Motivate them into the project by telling them the importance of the project.

c) Let it go the way it goes and ignore it.

4. Planning:

As a manager it is important to plan everything and also re-plan it when something goes out of order. A management aptitude test tries to find out how do you plan. You may be asked a direct question on your style of planning with options like these:

a) I plan my project and update it every day with the current progress.

b) I planned at the beginning but lost the track. Since project is going OK, I don't bother.

c) I did some presentations on how wonderful our project will be.

5. Rescheduling:

Suppose the project looses the schedule. How do you get a project back on schedule?

a) With frequent meetings with my team and minimum requirement specifications I will drop features that seem hard to implement, document, debug and use.

b) Tell them to overtime and motivate them to concentrate on the project.

c) Tell the team, not to do testing and complete the project.

6. Quality Assurance:

Do you access quality of the project you undertake and how do you cultivate this habit among your team members?

a) I schedule time for QA as if done properly it requires bugs to be fixed and retesting to take place

b) No, development process is our last stage. There is no clause of testing in our project.

c) We can't afford on our schedule.

7. Creativity :

As a manager you encourage

a) Creative insight into how the company can radically improve its profitability even when it means canceling your project

b) Creative insight into how your project can be finished two months earlier.

c) Are just concerned with project completion.

8. Organizational Structure:

Your organization is

a) Your ultimate concern

b) A place to show your abilities

c) A place that you can change for a better job.

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