Sample Structure of the Nursing Aptitude Tests for Nursing Career

Nursing career is getting attention all around the world. However, unlike mechanical and technical professions you need some qualities of heart for nursing jobs. The best in the nursing services have been generous, loving and compassionate.

Still nursing career is not considered personal because it involves a lot of team work. You will have to take care of physically or mentally ill people. You have to perform in different roles such as a disciplined care giver, a counselor, a manager, a teacher etc. Your every action shall focus upon benevolence of the patients.

Furthermore, you need not only to be responsible and dependable but also capable to accept truths of death and life.

Main Areas of Nursing Aptitude Tests

nursing career

Most of the nursing jobs screen you through nursing aptitude tests. The psychologists build them around the following main areas:

Applied Sciences:


The multiple choice questionnaire tries to measure your comprehensions for mechanics, measurements, laws of thermodynamics, acceleration, momentum etc.

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

You have to take care of the patients with certain medicines and chemicals. You are expected to know basics of solvents, electrons, titration, periodic table etc.

Daly Life Science

You need to learn basics of TCA cycle, ATP, cardiac control, human nervous system, endocrine glands, ECG basics, cardiovascular system, lungs and respiratory effects, thyroid hormones, etc. You are expected to hear and use these basic things about the human medical science for your life long nursing career.

Vocabulary Skills

The nursing career requires you to have correct knowledge of different words. Sometimes, your wrong perception of words can put lives of the patients in severe danger. That’s why vocabulary skills are tested with nursing aptitude test.

Mathematics Skills

Though the nursing aptitude tests include only a portion of math to test your mathematical reasoning but it is still a important to know about real numbers, fractions, trigonometry, area calculations, logarithmic scale etc.

Reading Comprehension

In your nursing career you will have often to read the instructions issued by the doctors during their visits. When you fail to comprehend the simple instructions, you can’t help the patients in any way. So your reading comprehension is also tested before you qualify for entry level nursing jobs.

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning helps you to make quick decisions during emergency. Most of the nursing aptitude tests include this portion before you are selected for a nursing career.

Sample Questions for nursing career test

Nursing Aptitude Test Question No.1

If acceleration, due to gravity at earth, is ‘g’ and mass of earth is 80 times that of moon and radius of earth is 4 times that of moon, the value of ‘g’ at surface of moon will be:

a) g

b) g/20

c) g/5

d) 320g


Let M and R be the mass and radius of earth, M’ and R’ be the mass and radius of moon. Then

R’ = R/4 and M’=M/80.

Let g and g’ be the acceleration of gravity on the surface of earth and moon respectively. Then

g=GM / R*R g’=GM’ / R’*R’ = G * ( M/80) / ((R/4)* (R/4)) = g/5

The correct answer is g/5.

Nursing Aptitude Test Question No.2

What are iatrogenic infections?


These are procedural infections i.e. infections that are caused by procedures. The main example is bacterial infection after IV insertion.

Nursing Aptitude Test Question No.3

What are meanings of the following words?

a) Chary

b) Insipid

c) Stanch

d) Fallacious

e) Inimical

f) Ebullient


a) Cautious

b) Tasteless food

c) To stop the flow of blood from a wound

d) Based on error or misleading

e) Harmful

f) Enthusiasm

Nursing Aptitude Test Question No.4

The smallest number which when diminished by 3 is divisible by 21, 28,36 and 45 is:

a) 423

b) 1257

c) 1263

d) 1260



Nursing Aptitude Test Question No.5

A cone, hemisphere and a cylinder stand on equal base and have same height. The ratio of their volumes is

a) 1:2:3

b) 2:1:3

c) 2:3:1

d) 3:2:1


Try to find out your answer.


These practice questions are designed to help you understand the general style of the nursing aptitude tests. However, to minimize your chance of rejection for your dreamed nursing career, you need to practice a couple of such tests online or offline. This practice shall give you familiarity with general structure of the tests and help you to qualify with ease.

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