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If You Have Test-Taking Anxiety, Practice Aptitude test before Entering Examination Hall

If you want to get into your dream job, don’t just prepare a noteworthy resume --- spent some time to practice aptitude test as well!

In this economy, getting into that great-paying and fulfilling job is harder than getting through the eye of a needle. Even if you’re more than qualified for the job, expect hundreds better qualified than you competing for the slot. Because employment is scarce, even those with top credentials will lower their standards just to get the hiring officer to say yes.

Well, if you know that a certain opening is meant for you, you have to access all your advantages. And one of these advantages is your ability to anticipate an aptitude test.

Aptitude Tests: A Hiring Certainty

If this is not your first rodeo when it comes to job hunting, then you know that tests and other forms of assessment are part and parcel of the job application process. How else can the Human Resource Officer filter the good apples from the bad ones in the quickest period of time? And given that it’s unfair to test the applicant on existing company policies and mandated job-related skills, the next best thing is to measure an applicant’s potential in getting the job done well.

And this is where aptitude tests come in. Aptitude Tests are standardized psychological examinations that measure a person’s potential in excelling in a task requiring particular skills. Unlike achievement tests, which measures learning after a task, aptitude tests are future-oriented: they take an educated guess on how a person would perform at work based on his or her inclinations and capacities. A person who aces an aptitude test during hiring may be considered as likely the most suited and most capable person for the job description.

You Can Prepare Ahead of Time!

practice aptitude test

That you would be given an aptitude test upon applying for a job is already a given. Unfortunately, for most people, they approach this fact with resignation and anxiety --- as if it’s a bad thing that they can’t do anything about. But while it’s unethical to find out the exact aptitude test you would be given by the hiring officer (indeed, you might just memorize the answers!), there is nothing that stops you from practicing an aptitude test.

What is a practice aptitude test?

As the term implies, it is a sample aptitude test similar in form, and to certain extent content, than standardized aptitude tests. Because there are many kinds of aptitude tests --- for example, there are aptitude tests for numerical ability, language, music and drawing --- there are also many forms of sample aptitude tests. But because the format of the recognized aptitude tests is strictly regulated by professional psychological associations, they are more or less easy to replicate.

What are the benefits of a practice aptitude test?

The most obvious benefit of these practice tests is to allow you to create mental shortcuts. Because aptitude tests have standard forms, getting practice on the form can help your mind develop a style when it comes to attacking a problem.   This way, when you see a question in the same style as the one you’ve repeatedly answered during practice, you won’t waste time with unrelated analysis. You can immediately go to the heart of the problem, and provide an accurate answer.

But as importantly, taking a sample aptitude test allows you to eliminate any test-taking related jitter that you might have. Getting nervous before a job interview is common knowledge, but panicking at the idea of taking an assessment exam is as anxiety-provoking. With a practice test, you get to know what you can expect and the test doesn’t seem as intimidating. This is most applicable when you have a tendency to blank out because you get scared you won’t answer correctly.

Where to Find a Practice Aptitude Test?

The best place to get a practice aptitude test? The internet is the most practical resource. Many websites do provide free tests that you can practice on in preparation for your job application practice. Some sites allow you to answer the tests online and their site will compute your score for you. In others, you have to print out the test questionnaire. The latter may be the better option in the long run as most test administrators still prefer pen-and-paper versions of aptitude tests than electronic ones.  

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