Problem in Taking Bennet Mechanical Test...

by Ug

I always feel confident before test.

As a tradesman for years feel positive.

However, on test day feel nervous about questions. Practically there is no problem considering this testing system.

Admin Response: It may be due to nervousness, climate or hidden fears of failures. Before starting your test close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax your body and concentrate on your talents. You should answer the questions carefully but without any kind of nervousness. If you feel the same kind of symptoms again, you should take relaxing exercise for a few seconds to get rid of such feelings.

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Bennett Test
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where i can find sample questions to Bennetts Mechanical aptitude Test?? Would like info for studying purposes.. Please respond to thank you.

Bennet Mechanical Test
by: Anonymous

I think the Bennett Mechanical Test is a set-up for failure. Can not find any material to study from. Everybody I ask about the test never heard of it. I call The Georgia Depatment Of Labor for help they dont know. That was not good at all. I have already taking the test, did not pass the mechanical part of it. I have never seen a test like this in my life time. Who's to say if you dont pass the test. You can not do the job you apply for. If anybody could help me with the mechanical part of the test please e-mail me at Appreciate the help...Thanks

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